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  • 529 Charlie
    started a topic Can we claim back the VAT?

    Can we claim back the VAT?

    We are 3 Leaseholders each with a share of the freehold of our shared building. Purchase of our flats meant we also became Directors of a dormant Management Company. We need urgent maintenance/Major Works doing and wondered how and if we can claim back the VAT charged by the builder(s).

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  • multipropertyguy
    started a topic Looking for long term advice.

    Looking for long term advice.

    I'm currently classed as self employed and fill in the income from property section tax return each year. However, I have purchased a few other properties (HMO) over the last two years and one flat and now my rent income is adding up to over £153k pa.

    I currently deduct any repairs,...
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  • amorgan
    started a topic VAT registering the Freehold company

    VAT registering the Freehold company

    Hi all,

    We are just in the process of buying the freehold on a small block of purpose built flats.

    After completion we will:

    a) Hope to add an additional residential unit.
    b) Undertake some large scale remedial works (long story) paid for directly...
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  • If a company providing a service is NOT VAT registered can VAT still be charged?

    My Mum (aged 78) rents out a small property in Hampshire. She rents it out via a letting agent - the income she receives is effectively her pension. I have noted that the letting agent she uses charges VAT on all services and fees. I recently noted that she was being charged for VAT by the agent for...
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  • Letting agents fees and VAT being charged to Landlord


    I have a small flat (2 bed), which I am thinking of renting out while I am abroad. I will be out of the country for a few years and non-resident for tax purposes. I assume it would be on the usual tenancy agreements (but most of that will be up to the agent).

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  • Commerial property VAT - intention to supply?

    I hope this is an appropriate website to ask this on. If anyone knows of a better suited forum please do let me know.

    I have been told by HMRC that since I registered for VAT when purchasing this porperty that I need to make VATable supplies. Also that these should be at a market rent....
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  • VAT on service charges and Major Works

    Hi There

    Can somebody tell me if VAT is payable on service charges and Major works request. It seems strange to me as the managing agents owned by the head lease will reclaim the VAT so why do they have to collect it again from us.

    I have done some research and it seems...
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  • Reclaiming VAT on rental business via different business?

    I have some BTLs which I rent out privately, not as a company. This is not a trade.

    I also run a design business as a partnership and I am registered for VAT on that business. So I effectively have a self-employed status.

    Is it possible to claim back VAT on expenses incurred...
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