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  • atopman
    started a topic Transfer a CCJ

    Transfer a CCJ

    I have heard of people selling the CCJ to debt collectors, the CCJ was for unpaid rent on an individual

    In my case how can the CCJ ownership ( creditor) be transferred to a relative ?

    I need to do this as the current owner is too ill and aged to deal with the matter to...
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  • TR1 transfer of shared freehold advice really needed

    I live in a Victorian conversion of 2 leasehold flats and we jointly own the freehold. The other owners are selling and I have received the TR1 form to sign. I went through the form last night and found some places it was not filled in correctly according to the Land Registry guidance, so I replied...
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  • Co-freeholders will not sign assign freehold to my buyer

    Be very grateful for any info. or advice. I have a buyer for my flat which is being sold with a share of the freehold. There are 3 flats each with a share. The other 2 freeholders will not sign the TR1 form. The reason they give is they say i breached the lease 6 years ago. They have not mentioned...
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  • Do I need more than a TR1 to buy a Freehold?


    About to buy a freehold and seller's solicitors say they have a TR1 signed by the freeholder.

    Do we still need a contract or do we just need to file the TR1? Can't find anything online that helps.

    Thanks for your time.

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  • Nutrance
    started a topic Deposit Transfer?

    Deposit Transfer?


    We are going to view a new house with our current letting agent. If we like the house and decide and agree to move in, is the letting agent allowed to transfer the deposit over to the new house and is it a case some will some wont?

    Thought i would ask so i know what...
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  • Transfering a Joint Ownership Mortgage House to a Limited Company

    Hello All,

    This is my first post, alot of useful info which is great for a landlord thanks.
    I jointly own a buy to let property with my sister. We would like to sell the property and buy something else abroard maybe.
    We are thinking the most Tax efficient way to do this...
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  • Right of First Refusal on f/r gift?

    Hi I am wanting to find out more about RFR. I am a Landlord and sublet my leasehold property. It has come to my attention that the freeholder has sold or transferred the freehold to his two sons in Feb 2008. This has only come to light as we are in the middle of an LVT for him ripping us off with Service...
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  • Tmaker
    started a topic Relief in transferring property to a company

    Relief in transferring property to a company

    What forms of relief are there on CGT when a person transfers a fully owned rental property into a newly created "empty" company. The company is owned by, either

    (a) the transferor.


    (b) the transferor's family (including children) equally....
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  • Transfer of rental income/ownership to spouse

    Hi all,

    Have seen several threads closely related to my issue, but small differences seem to make a significant impact on the situation wrt HMRC
    Am a damn good engineer but a layman in matters of tax and conveyancing so please be gentle...... The situation is as follows:...
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  • transfer of ownership to spouse; mortgage implications

    In order to minimise the income tax liability on our rental income, I am planning to transfer ownership of our property to my wife (probably to a 99-to-1 % split). I understand from previous threads that this will require a Declaration of Trust defining the Beneficial Ownership and a Form 17 to HMRC...
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