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  • Pets in a let property


    can anyone else me?

    in my tenancy agreement it says we can have a pet as long as the landlord is ok with it.

    landlord has said she is happy to consider a pet.

    the estate agents are now saying we cannot have a pet because the building management...
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  • Problem with rental becoming HMO?!

    My two bed flat is currently rented by 2 x couples (who took out the lease together as one contract). At the time I raised the question with the estate agent as to whether this would be classified as a House of Multiple Occupancy (HMO) as I wasn’t entirely comfortable with the idea of 4 people living...
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  • Ending Joint Tenancy - "monthly contractual periodic"

    Hi all - first, thanks for any advice you give, I appreciate it. I can tell this topic has been done to death, but I'd nevertheless appreciate advice on my position.

    I am in an AST. It is joint, with 3 people in total forming the "tenant" (we are Jointly and Severally Liable)....
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  • Linpegg
    started a topic Rent arrears

    Rent arrears

    Our tenant hasn’t paid any rent for 9 months.
    He was protected because of covid for 6 months from January 2021 until 1June 2021 after 6 months of asking him for some payment or payment proposal plan , but only replies of excuses and felt as though being ‘fobbed off’.
    As the 7th month...
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  • New tenants - double bed mistake

    Hello everyone,

    I am a new landlord and just signed my first AST with tenants (two professional sharers). Unfortunately it started with a bid of a disagreement.

    As part of special conditions of the offer, after viewing the flat once, the tenants requested 1) professional cleaning...
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  • McDij
    started a topic Tennancey agreements.

    Tennancey agreements.

    Hi all,

    I have a question, I was pretty sure all tenancy agreements are between the landlord and the tenant, i been told that the agreement can also be setup in a way that the agreement is between the agent and the tenant?

    I thought it was always between the landlord and the...
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  • Advice Needed – Tenant from Hell.?

    Tenant moves in on the first day of AST contract signed by both parties, you then immediately discover on this day you stuck with a Tenant from Hell(totally unreasonable behaviour within hours of taking residence), and you are legally bound to the agreement for the tenancy term.?

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  • Propsta
    started a topic Letting Flat - Post Final Staircase

    Letting Flat - Post Final Staircase

    Hi, I want to know if I can let my flat out fully once I have staircase to 100%. Below is in my current lease.

    The leaseholder shall not during the period of twenty-one years after effecting a Final Staircasing in accordance with Schedule 4 ("the Pre-Emption Period")
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  • Need advice on eviction for PSL - Private Sector Leasing Tenant

    I leased my property to Lewisham council on a 3 year lease around 5 years ago. The lease term has since ended and although the term of the lease agreement states that 2 months notice is to be issued. They refused to leave after the 2 months and this was extended to 6 months due to the pandemic.
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  • My landlord is not returning deposit money ?

    Hi, I am international student and my landlord is not returning deposit money we paid (me and my partner). He first said he will give us back within few days now he is accusing us to break the general door of building (back door towards garden) we used to live in flat in london colney. He is saying...
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  • Ellie99
    started a topic Commercial Property at Auction

    Commercial Property at Auction


    I am completely new to the auction game and looking for some advice. I already own 3 buy to lets that have all been purchased via the conventional route. What I am looking at is a fairly risky property, I know it is. I always get drawn to the risky ones. (Nearly ended up with a derelict...
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  • Agent won't provide receipt because of "GDPR"

    Hi all

    I'm starting a new tenancy agreement in 2 weeks, we're yet to sign the tenancy agreement. As part of the accepted offer conditions, I asked for the property to be professionally cleaned before we move in, which the landlord accepted as part of the offer (I have this in writing)....
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  • What if I don't have a reference for my last landlord as I was subletting?

    Hi there, my partner and I have just expressed interest in a new place and the LL had asked us to provide LL references from our previous LL. We have rented a double room in shared flats/houses together for almost 3 years and previous to that both lived with family. We can get references from all of...
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  • Gospete
    started a topic Tenancy renewal question

    Tenancy renewal question

    We are having noise issues with the people living in the Flat above us, they moved in this February on a 1 year tenancy agreement.

    Their Landlord (who we know) acknowledges the problem and has said that the agreement will not be renewed. The Letting Agent is aware of the situation.
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  • Jayraj
    started a topic Renting to students

    Renting to students


    I have been letting for a quite a while and i find myself in a bit of a difficult situation, i would love some guidance on this.

    Everyone knows students are looking around now for a summer rental that will last 1 academic year.

    The students are keen to take...
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