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  • Guarantor for a joint tenancy

    I have two prospective tenants entering a joint tenancy in a flat I own (rent £1,395). One of their income covers half the rent (her income is 2.5 times half the rent, about £1,700 month). The other one is an overseas student whose bank statements cannot be verified in the UK. Hence the referencing...
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  • Jayraj
    started a topic Renting to students

    Renting to students


    I have been letting for a quite a while and i find myself in a bit of a difficult situation, i would love some guidance on this.

    Everyone knows students are looking around now for a summer rental that will last 1 academic year.

    The students are keen to take...
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  • Liberty1237
    started a topic Charging during vivid 19

    Charging during vivid 19

    Hello, I really don’t want to charge my student renters during this time as their university is closed for the next term and they are not occupying the property for the rest of the contract. I was wondering if anyone knew any government schemes during this time that I could claim loss of rent through...
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  • Student letting agency getting keys

    So im a student going into my third year of uni, last year myself and 2 others found a house, we signed a contract, paid booking fees/reservation fees and the tenancy was set to start on the 2nd of September.
    We received an email stating we needed to make an appointment to collect the keys, we...
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  • Car Park Space for a Student Property.

    My boyfriend is currently renting a student property and when he was looking at the property it said that it had a car parking space.
    When it comes to him moving in there are a maximum of two spaces and approximately 6 residents (maybe more) staying in the property all being told that they had...
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  • What are our rights as student tenants

    Hello, me and 3 friends went to get our keys for our new student house in Brighton yesterday and we are feeling pretty disappointed with the condition of the house and, as our previous house was lovely, we are unsure of what our rights are in this circumstance. Upon arrival of the house, we noticed...
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  • agriengineer
    started a topic Deposit claim

    Deposit claim

    I'm looking for some advice regarding our student let.

    We were coming to the end of the tenancy and planned on moving out 10 days before the tenancy was due to end.

    The landlord came round to check the house and was happy with the condition of the house, just the odd minor...
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  • Need to leave student joint tenancy

    I'm one of 6 students letting a house on a joint and several tenancy. Basically I need to get out of there before the next term starts, as the behaviour of some of the other flat last semester was just ridiculous, and more recently they've been hostile to me as a group causing great stress. The dodgy...
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  • Dashhh12
    started a topic Double-rent charge

    Double-rent charge


    I had a ten month contract with my landlord, due to finish mid-July. I was planning to move out at the end of May due to my course finishing, but was still willing to pay for the rent for all ten months. My landlord contacted me asking if I was willing to release the lease early,...
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  • Request for student's council tax exemption evidence 13 months after contract end

    We've had issues getting our deposits back from our former landlord due to his estate agent forgetting to do any check out inspections and then fabricating a list of damages 3 weeks later which we have since proven to be false.

    I recently got my (partial) deposit back whilst the dispute...
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  • Landlord trying to intimidate us on possible deposit dispute. HELP!

    Urgent need for some advice! We are a couple of students who, we feel may have stepped into a trap...

    Landlord is currently asking for £900 to put the flat back into its original state, and we feel this is totally unjustified. We have sent a few emails back and forth but...
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  • jocooney95
    started a topic Pipework Problems

    Pipework Problems

    I live in a 12 bed roomed student house. We started to have problems at around October with the pipework. The noises coming from the pipes were absolutely ridiculous, it made alot of us sleep deprived and it was extremely bad in one of the boys rooms that he was no longer able to sleep in his bedroom....
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  • tptyfe
    started a topic Moving Girlfriend In

    Moving Girlfriend In

    So I'm currently living in a share student house with 3 other guys. My girlfriend is in a tough situation and so she is going to move in with me. At the moment she is not receiving any money through work or any sort of governmental allowance, but she would be making a claim for ESA once she got here,...
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  • Nox
    started a topic Construction, no notice!

    Construction, no notice!

    Hi all,

    This is my first post here, I did a search but couldn't find anything similar, so if I've missed anything and someone could point me in the right direction that'd be swell!

    We're students renting a property. We've been in it for a while and have another month or two...
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  • poppins
    started a topic Add tenant to joint tenancy?

    Add tenant to joint tenancy?

    Hi all,

    We have a house we let to international students and have some lined up for the next academic year.

    On the day they are due to move in one of the group of four will still be abroad and turning up a week later. The remaining 3 are happy to sign the joint tenancy...
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