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  • Caseyjones
    started a topic Reclaim extra 3% stamp duty?

    Reclaim extra 3% stamp duty?

    Hello all, my first post here. If I sell my main residence within 3 years of buying my BTL and move into the BTL as my new main residence (it was bought with a tenant already in residence but who has now moved on), would I be able to claim back the 3% additional stamp duty paid, as that property is...
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  • Stamp Duty for a First time buyer purchasing a BTL property

    Can anyone please advise..
    I live with in my Husbands inherited family home and at the moment only his name is on the will.
    I have now received early inheritance and am in a position to purchase a property with no mortgage, which I will look to rent out. I will put the property...
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  • Residential to LTD BTL stamp duty on new house?

    Hi all,

    I currently own a property ABC and want to transfer it into a limited company buy to let. My question is split into some parts;

    Will I become a guarantor on property ABC once it forms part of the limited company? If so will this appear on my credit report?
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  • Buy to let property with mortgage - what can be put against tax


    We purchased buy to let property with a small 5 year mortgage.

    1. We paid 3% stamp duty on the sale (£4000). Can it be put against tax?
    2. Can we put the mortgage repayments against tax because we heard from our mortgage broker that tax relief is fazed out gradually,...
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  • Buy to Let as Limited company and stamp duty on first purchase question

    I'd be really gratedul if any one could offer some advice as I've tried countless local accountants and cannot seem to find one to give me the exact answers I need.

    I'm at the early stage of setting up a ltd (spv) company to hold my current main residence, which isn't mortgaged and...
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  • First Time Buy to Let investment advice

    Dear All,

    I am looking to purchase my first property as Buy to Let. I have never owned a property before and is in full time employment. I am writing to seek advice on the following matters:

    1) Do I have to pay the additional 3% stamp duty for Buy to Let?

    2) In...
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  • Stamp Duty on main residence & a holiday let

    I am about to buy a house and bridge while I sell my exist house (yes, I know!!). They will be my main residence, so I will need to pay the 3% stamp duty surcharge and claim it back after I sell my existing house. However.... I also already own a holiday let - will this prevent me from getting a re...
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  • kelbol
    started a topic Company and stamp duty

    Company and stamp duty

    If you own several properties and seek to move them all under a company, the company will have to pay the higher stamp duty.
    But what if you create multiple companies, so that each company ends up with only 1 property, there should be no higher stamp duty to pay?
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  • Can I move into flat and then sell it without incurring 3% SD tax?

    Hi Everyone,

    I've just joined this forum and it looks amazing.

    My situation is that I have a flat in London which I lived in for 10 years before moving to Scotland for work. I bought a small flat in Scotland which is my primary residence at the moment.

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  • Very quick SDLT question - estate agent misinformation?

    My wife and I jointly own 4 rental properties and we're planning to move house (our main residence). From my research, the 3% stamp duty fine won't affect us - we'll be selling our main residence (where we live all the time) and buying a new main residence. But the estate agent who is handling...
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  • dabir0070
    started a topic Property Trust Distribution

    Property Trust Distribution

    My mum owns 50% of the property she is living in and the other 50% is held in a Trust whose beneficiaries are my two brothers. The current value of the property is £135K and is mortgage free.

    One of my brothers lives here and the other in the USA – both have their own residential...
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  • kelbol
    started a topic Yet another on stamp duty

    Yet another on stamp duty

    I think I've found a way to circumvent the higher stamp duty if you have the right circumstances. Read below and let me know if I've missed something.

    Say two people who trust each other have purchased multiple properties together as tenants in common, let's say husband and wife. Each...
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  • foxy88
    started a topic Joint ownership to Sole ownership - Stamp Duty.

    Joint ownership to Sole ownership - Stamp Duty.


    I own 2 properties with my sister who now lives abroad. We rent them both out. One is a joint mortgage (£250k property, 79k remaining on mortgage) and I wish to release equity from the property to buy an additional property for myself and my wife to live (currently renting)....
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  • Second home stamp duty query - fiance joining my mortgage on a new home

    Hi all

    Just trying to work out whether we'd need to pay any additional 'second home' stamp duty.

    My fiance and I have been living together for 3 years; the house/mortgage is in my name only.

    We plan to buy a new home, and will have a shared mortgage.
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  • WJM75
    started a topic SDLT on Transfer of Equity

    SDLT on Transfer of Equity

    I am thinking of transferring a BTL property from my sole name into joint names with my wife to save tax. We both already own other property. The outstanding mortgage on the property being transferred is less than £80,000, so the mortgage debt taken on by my wife would be below £40,000, although the...
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