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  • Tenants left…but now want to sue

    Hello, Hope someone can help. Am having a time of it at the moment as a landlord. I had a couple in my flat as tenants on 1 year renewable AST. Good tenants, in that they looked after my place well, but were pretty spiky and hard to deal with. They bought their own place, gave notice, did check-out,...
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  • Boddah69
    started a topic What constitutes a tenant?!

    What constitutes a tenant?!

    Forgive me if this has been discussed before - although no one else is probably this stupid!
    Husband has private rented a property under verbal agreement (against my wishes) to a family friend, who we are now pursuing through the courts for using our last months rent to finance a new abode. Tenancy...
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  • Advice please re letting agents and small claims court

    Hello everyone
    I would really appreciate some advice please. We relocated last year and, in our absence, used a LA to let our house to someone who later sublet and absconded without paying rent. The LA did all kinds of daft things, including releasing the deposit to pay rent without our consent....
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