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  • Landlord is saying they cannot hand over keys on agreed move in date

    We have been in the process of agreeing a shorthold tenancy agreement for a few weeks, and have agreed with the agency to move in on monday. As a result, we have made arrangements to do so, such as renting movers and van, taking time of work, ending current tenancy, booking train tickets (as it is in...
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  • Mark88B
    started a topic Notice Period Required

    Notice Period Required

    Hello I was wondering if anyone could help me with a slight issue.

    My girlfriend has been renting a house with a 6 Month Assured Tenancy agreement. It has just expired and she handed in a notice in writing that she wishes to move out.

    The lease has now changed to a Periodic...
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  • HELP! Deposit Protection Scheme

    I began to ask my LL what the procedure was with obtaining my house deposit. I began reading into the deposit protection scheme rules to find I had never been given any information on where my deposit was being held. I rang the various companies to find that my deposit had quickly been covered the day...
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  • Common Law Tenancy Agreement or AST?

    I wonder if anyone can help....For my present tenants I used a Common Law Agreement as the rent is in excess of £25,000 per anum when the contract was signed, but now the Agreement is up for renewal I understand the law had changed and a Shorthold Agreement can now be used for properties with a rental...
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  • Landlord storing personal items and changing the furniture

    My landlord has recently moved in a large amount of possessions (old clothes, books etc) into the communal areas of the property and has also started to move in furniture not on the inventory. I've asked her to remove the items of clothing etc and the furniture. I believe the furniture has just been...
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