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  • ringzer
    started a topic Adding wife to BTL property

    Adding wife to BTL property

    In 2005 I bought a BTL property in London with an outstanding mortgage of ~£150,000 and a current market value of ~ £500,000. The apartment has never been lived in by me and my name alone is on the title deeds and mortgage.

    I would like to add my wife to the property, either 1) title...
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  • twista
    started a topic SDLT - holiday home 1/2 share

    SDLT - holiday home 1/2 share

    Hi all- I'm in the process of selling my primary residency abroad to move to the UK. In addition to my primary residence, I have a half share with my sister in a holiday home gifted to us by our parents some years ago. The holiday home at the date of transfer was worth about £70,000 so my share of...
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  • mgcoops
    started a topic Remortgage with Deed of Trust

    Remortgage with Deed of Trust

    Hi, I was hoping someone could help me.

    I have a BTL property that was my own flat before I got married.

    After a few years of marriage I became a 40% tax payer so was being stung for a lot of tax on the income from my property so I did a Deed of Trust to my wife in order...
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  • Very quick SDLT question - estate agent misinformation?

    My wife and I jointly own 4 rental properties and we're planning to move house (our main residence). From my research, the 3% stamp duty fine won't affect us - we'll be selling our main residence (where we live all the time) and buying a new main residence. But the estate agent who is handling...
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  • Granting subleases to my spouse on individual flats, is it taxable ?

    My 1st post ! wasn't sure if it fits here or in long leasehold Q's...

    I'm in rather unusual situation of owning (on a single long leasehold agreement) a block of Flats which are currently all let on AST's. I would like to transfer ownership/income to my spouse for Tax reasons but would...
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  • Stamp Duty On A Lease Extension Of A Buy to Let Property?

    Do I have to pay stamp duty on a buy to let property that I have owned for 30 years when I'm extending the lease? The property is rented out. Is there a calculator for this? I understood that SDLT is only applicable if the extension price is over £125,000. My extension price is no where near that!...
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  • WJM75
    started a topic SDLT on Transfer of Equity

    SDLT on Transfer of Equity

    I am thinking of transferring a BTL property from my sole name into joint names with my wife to save tax. We both already own other property. The outstanding mortgage on the property being transferred is less than £80,000, so the mortgage debt taken on by my wife would be below £40,000, although the...
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  • SteveHorgan
    started a topic Tax implications of granting new leases

    Tax implications of granting new leases

    My wife and I jointly own the freehold of a property which is physically split into two self contained flats. We want to establish a leasehold structure so that we can re-mortgage the flats separately and sell them separately at a later date. We would either want the freehold to remain in our joint...
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  • shaya
    started a topic SDLT relief for Multiple Dwellings

    SDLT relief for Multiple Dwellings

    I wonder if someone has come across this. I know that if you have multiple dwellings I.e two flats in one purchase you can split them even if they were bought as one. My question is if I bought a shop and uppers. The uppers are one separate flat can this be split as two separate purchases...
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  • Purchasing a flat/ extending the lease. Is this a linked transaction?

    Hey guys,

    I am currently buying a flat for £250,000 and the vendor has agreed with the freeholder (landlord) that the lease will cost £9700. Now of course if this is classed as a linked transaction, I will have to pay 3% rather as the overall value would be £259,700 rather £250,000...
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  • Two Tenants in Common, moving to One Owner, SDLT question


    Situation: Person A and B are Tenants in Common of property Y

    B selling his share to A, so that A becomes the sole owner of Y.

    I've got the Land Registry forms figured out, now I'm looking at the SDLT.

    NB: Consideration amount is under...
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  • Splitting existing Leasehold into 2 Leaseholds

    We own a house with ground floor and first floor flats on two separate leases. The remaining lease on both properties is 78 years. The present ground rent is £100 per flat.

    Recently, we obtained a planning permission from the local council and a consent from the landlord to convert...
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