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  • Replacement tenant on fixed term AST

    I found a new tenant to takeover my AST three months into a six month fixed term.

    The landlord (agents) accepted this via email. I moved out and the new tenant moved on the arranged date, but we didn't sign anything.

    Is there any way this could come back to bite me, say if...
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  • liamaaa
    started a topic No bond protection

    No bond protection

    I have recently moved out of my house to move in with my partner. so decided to let my house out. I had only lived there for 20 months and expected to be there a lot longer so i renovated it to a very high standard. When I decided to let it out I was paranoid about all the work i had done being ruined...
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  • whitwa
    started a topic Replacement Boiler Tax Deductible?

    Replacement Boiler Tax Deductible?


    As part of my CP12 gas safety inspection, I have been advised that the boiler vessel at my rental property will soon fail and that I should now consider replacing the boiler before it does. The combination boiler is about 15 years old.

    If I were to purchase a modern...
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  • Kitchen / bathroom replacement before first let

    I've checked the forums for a definitive answer but I can't find one specifically for this scenario:

    I have purchased a flat for BTL purposes - the kitchen / bathroom are useable ( if slightly dated / grubby ) and could do with like for like replacement to enhance future letting prospects....
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  • L trying to charge £90 for lost set of keys. Is this totally unreasonable?

    Hello there, currently dealing with a very belligerent landlord from a tenancy i just left. There were 7 of us, students at the time, although this problem doesn't seem to be relevant to the fact it was a student property... so i'm posting this here, i hope that's alright!

    Anyway, after...
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  • PDH
    started a topic Replacement/improvement work advice

    Replacement/improvement work advice

    I recently purchased a 50% share of a shared ownership property in urgent need of modernisation and redecoration.

    I notified the Housing Association in an email that I intended to replace the kitchen and bathroom units and subsequently carried this work out as their guidelines stated...
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  • Replacement tenancy issue - new tenant paying rent but won't sign contract

    Hope you don't mind a tenant asking for advice on this situation!

    I am in a joint AST agreement with a clause that I can replace myself on the tenancy. Property managed by an agency.

    Having found a suitable replacement, the reference checks etc were completed but the agents...
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  • Change of tenant with replacment

    My property is let to two tenants sharing joint tenancy. The lease is 3 months into a short assured tenancy. I've been notified one of the tenants is moving out (not the lead tenant), however the lead tenant has someone else they would like to replace the leaving tenant with.

    What do...
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  • Replacment detector


    I have just taken on a new flat in a block and the smoke detector within the flat that is mains connected and connected to the central fire system for the block is missing. Obviously unplugged for some reason and never replaced.

    Can anyone got an pointers on how to...
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  • banner257
    started a topic Maintenance v Capital Works

    Maintenance v Capital Works

    Has anyone any straight forward guidance on what is maintenance cost tax allowable. If I install a new bathroom suite as the existing one is past its best is that maintenance replacement or capital improvement? What about renewing electrical wiring, painting the house out, replacing guttering, replacing...
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