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  • Charlie16
    started a topic Rent review issue

    Rent review issue

    I have a tenant on a lease with a five year term on a commercial property. The lease specified a rent review after 2,3 and 4 years. The lease also specified that the rent review should be determined by the RPI index and it specifies the mechanism for doing this. I duly calculated the rent review on...
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  • rent review - can you help with a difficult lessee?

    Hi there,
    Please advise if possible!

    I have taken over management of a commercial property and one of the properties is up for a rent review. The lessee is particularly obstinate, and has only offered £1000 despite a significant increase of rent in the area. I have spoken to a...
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  • Jackk
    started a topic Backdated Rent Reviews

    Backdated Rent Reviews

    Hi everyone, I'm new here. My family is in a rather difficult situation and I'm really hoping someone can offer some advice!

    My grandmother owns a property in Sheffield which comprises both a shop and a flat.

    The current tenant occupies both parts of the property. However...
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  • petrus
    started a topic Rent Review commercial premises

    Rent Review commercial premises


    I have a small shop that I lease out, but the costs of the loan I have are higher than the tennant is paying me, a rent review was due a year ago and I thought that it was not a good time to burden him with rent rises on top of all the other increases around.

    I have...
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  • Upwards only rent review after one year

    I wonder if anyone could help me please. I let out a house that I could not sell and have had tenants in for six years. I have never put the rent up and we have a good relationship. I also have to rent a house to live in , in another part of the country and am having a really difficult time with a well...
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  • Philip Bowe
    started a topic Tenant's 'improvements'

    Tenant's 'improvements'

    I have a shop with a flat above, currently vacant. The new tenant on assignment installed (with consent) air conditioning for the shop. Now at review, obviously I cannot count the air conditioning in the shop review, as it is a disregard, but they are saying that it reduces the value of the flat because...
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  • High-handed clause 1: Rent reviews only if increasing

    I have three clauses I want to change in the lease I'm about to sign with a landlord for a retail property. This is my first time and I'm not sure which ones are worth fighting, which are standard for pretty much any tenant, and which are really nasty. So I'm putting them in separate threads so others...
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  • selcuk
    started a topic Rent review not agreed

    Rent review not agreed

    Hi, We have a commercial property on which a rent review was due in May 2010. We agreed with our agent a small increase, but deferred to May 2011 because of the tenant's plea that his business was suffering from the recession. This proposal was passed to the tenant and we did not hear any more. The...
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  • Structural work to be carried out during a Regulated Tenancy

    Hi! I have read through lot of posts but didn't really find answer to my situation. Maybe someone can give me some advice?

    I am intending to buy a flat with a regulated tenant. He's lived there for 20 odd years and nothing really has been done in that period, in terms of renovation, building...
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