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  • sblades
    started a topic Self employed and renting

    Self employed and renting


    I was wondering if someone is able to give us some advice regarding referencing?

    My partner and I are currently looking to move for his new job and rent out a property, we currently privately rent a property owned by my partner's parents and have previously rented several...
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  • Recommendation for a credit check agency?


    Does anyone use a credit check agency they find pretty reliable?
    I've used a couple of different ones over the years and sometimes its very difficult to get hold of them for updates, and I was just wondering if anyone had a recommendation for a credit check agency?

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  • MQ2
    started a topic How does referencing affect insurance?

    How does referencing affect insurance?

    I'm fairly new to being a landlord.

    I have a couple who would like to rent my property. She is currently a student living in France but has a paid internship in the UK starting around the same time as the tenancy, for 6 months, at the same company where her boyfriend is employed. She...
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  • Sarahpb
    started a topic Guarantor's checks?

    Guarantor's checks?

    What are the requirements for a guarantor? I know that home owner/ income required is the landlord's choice but what kind of checks/ referencing does a guarantor go through generally?

    Proof of income etc
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  • How do students get through referencing?

    Again out of curiosity because some students aren't working or are working a small part time job which obviously wont be sufficient enough to cover the cost of the rent. How did this work? Guarantor? I apologise if I sound silly but I have no clue how this works but you always see properties for students...
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  • Tenant77
    started a topic Really need advice from landlords!

    Really need advice from landlords!

    I'm in a very difficult situation at the moment as i'm about to be evicted in a few days and have a child.

    My landlord is evicting me for rent arrears which were due to a mix up with housing benefit ( i pay top up- which was also payed on time) and have ended up in about 2,000 of arrears....
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  • lilmswilkins
    started a topic Referencing query

    Referencing query

    I have just found some new tenants for a property and both are self-employed. Standard procedure would mean gaining a reference off their accountants - but both neither of them actually have an accountant! Anyone have any suggestions on how to bypass this issue? Last choice possible would be to not...
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  • dusty
    started a topic Character Referencing

    Character Referencing

    I rent to students and up and until now have not required a character reference for my tenants. I use a Parental/Guardian Guarantor Forms to guarantee rent payments, but my Insurance Company is now insisting on character refs. I couldn't find a suitable letter template - but have a rough idea of what...
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