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  • BLG
    started a topic Tax impact of offset mortgages

    Tax impact of offset mortgages


    I am considering taking an offset mortgage on my own home in order to purchase an investment property.

    I understand I can claim tax relief on the interest on this loan but I am not sure on what happens if I have money offsetting this loan in my current account and then...
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  • dobbass
    started a topic Confused newbie

    Confused newbie

    Hi group

    New to this so please take it easy on me!
    I've had some advice from a friend of a friend and where I thought I was clear now i'm not so sure?
    I'm in the process of buying a house from my grandfathers estate, jointly with my Dad. I'm on way with quotes for changing...
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  • dominicwest
    started a topic first tax return

    first tax return

    Hi everyone,
    I have bought 3 rental flats and need to complete 1st tax return so all help would be welcome. Can I set these things against my profit?

    1.Mortgage arrangement fees
    2. Survey fees
    3. solicitors fees when purchasing

    Thanks in advance for...
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  • hithrog
    started a topic Allowable Expenses - how far back

    Allowable Expenses - how far back

    Hi everyone.

    Just become a landlord for the first time. We've let our family home out via a letting agent and moved to live in a rented house nearer work.

    I understand that for tax purposes we can offset the cost of any repairs / decoration, but I don't know how far back...
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