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  • Pending major works at completion. Who pays?

    Have had a search and can't see answer. Hoping someone he can give me some pointers.

    In process of buying an ex local authority flat in London. There's major works bill from 2014 that vendor has agreed to settle prior to completion.
    However there's also an £800 estimated bill for...
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  • Jane Goodwin
    started a topic Deed of Variation

    Deed of Variation

    I am hoping i am in the correct forum!!

    We have been selling our leasehold property for the last 5 months. We knew we would have to get a deed of variation completed with Taylor Wimpey and that part of it has gone relatively smoothly.
    My solicitor has tried to make an application...
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  • House has two leases, can I buy the freehold or head lease?!

    I am in an area of the country where the council retains the freehold on developments - ostensibly to avoid fragmentation of estates. My developer owned the head lease when I bought the property, and has since sold it to a leasehold management company. The head lease is a peppercorn rent to the council...
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  • MichaelA30
    started a topic Communal Cupboard Use

    Communal Cupboard Use

    Hi all,

    There is a large communal cupboard in my block of 3 flats (one of which i own leasehold) which contains the electricity meters and the bike storage. I also store a few suitcases in here but have recently been told by my service provider to remove the personal belongings in that...
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  • Hlacey1410
    started a topic Tax Deductible?

    Tax Deductible?

    I have a flat that I rent out that I have found out is subject to a doubling ground rent clause. I have the chance to get a deed variation but it's going to cost me double the amount of someone who lives in their property to get the variation (£4k!!) Is this something that is tax deductible?...
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  • Lambeth Council - Freeholder- adding path next to my ground floor flat


    I wondered if someone could help me. I am a leaseholder on the ground floor in an ex-council block of flats, Lambeth Council is the freeholder. Yesterday workman started to lay foundations for a path in the communal gardens surrounding my flat. The path, when finished looks like it...
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  • Section 20 works notification - help needed as leaseholder

    I am a leaseholder in a block of flats in London. I have recently received a postal letter from our Managing Agent regarding Section 20 works being carried out on our building. This letter appears to be a Notice of Estimates, and references a previous letter, which i presume was a Notice of Intention...
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  • sofsofsof
    started a topic Shared Ownership Lease Extension

    Shared Ownership Lease Extension

    Please can someone help me!
    {Mod - name removed} have said to me the fees are £350 + Solicitor fees + a RICS surveryor.
    Im guesing the RICS surveyor is here to tell them what premium i have to pay to extend lease (i mean its just a joke)!
    I "own" 30% house approx worth 230k...
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  • Clause in lease seems to have put a spanner in the works for BTL remortgage

    I own a flat which has an unexpired lease. I am in the process of remortgaging the flat. I received a mortgage offer from a lender. However, I had only nineteen years left on my lease; The lender requires all properties on which it lends, to have a minimum of twenty years remaining on the lease....
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  • Spugster111
    started a topic Rogue management company issues

    Rogue management company issues

    I rent out a property in a converted house for which the lease is managed by a third party company. No problems for many years until a couple of builders bought flats in the same building. These owners are now using the internal/external areas as storage for both of their building companies (heavy machinery/building...
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  • Should I buy the freehold on my house

    I currently live in a new build house which i have been in for almost 3 years. When i bought the house it was sold to us as leasehold.
    I have read a lot in the news about the leasehold scandal which is going on about ground rents doubling every ten years causing leasehold house un-sellable....
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  • Maria123
    started a topic Ground rent increases with RPI

    Ground rent increases with RPI

    Hi everyone,
    quick question;
    does the Clause of the ground rent increasing with RPI always include the freeholders right to repossess the property if the ground rent isn't paid?
    Some lenders will lend on the basis the ground rent increase but not that the freeholder can reposses property...
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  • Is leaseholder liable for unpaid cost of heat provided to sub-let tenant?

    Good Evening All,

    My first post on a forum that I have visited often and learned many things from; so here goes and any help will be greatly appreciated.

    I am the Leaseholder of a decent two bed former council flat. The same council has a separate company set up to manage...
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  • spark_123
    started a topic Lease with rising ground rents

    Lease with rising ground rents

    I'm in the process of purchasing a property which has a value of £400,000 with an annual ground rent of £200 which doubles every 33 years.

    The lease has 156 years unexpired remaining.

    My solicitor has suggested that we ask for a Deed of Variation to cap the GR to £1,000...
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  • Impacts of increasing ground rent on lease extension


    First time on here and hoping someone can help.

    Our ground rent has increased from £250 to £500 per annum. What will the impact be when we come to renew the lease? Does ground rent directly impact the calculation for determining the lease extension premium upon renewal?...
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