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  • Neighbour built attic conversion without deed of variation or building regulation

    I bought my downstairs flat in an edwardian semi detached flat, 6 years ago. There are two flats with a lease hold and share of a freehold. I found out recently that the upstairs did an attic converson in 2011 before i lived here. However there was no deed of variation agreed, nor is her right to use...
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  • Legal charges arising from FTT


    To cut a long story short, I had to go through an FTT process recently which I lost - even though I provided evidence of underhand activities (including invoices which had been forged, etc) undertaken by my Managing Agent. I complied with the FTT decision and paid the service charges...
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  • NaomiB
    started a topic Defective garage lease

    Defective garage lease

    Six years ago I took my freeholders to court because they had let several of the 18 garages here fall into serious disrepair and two had been demolished. The basic problem was that, whereas the flats were demised from the plaster in, the garages walls and all party walls drains pipes cables and wires...
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  • Small HMO breaking covenants of lease agreement?

    Hi everyone,

    I'm hoping you might be able to help me with an issue I've spent ages googling but haven't found much clarity yet.

    I'm trying to figure out if sub-letting a flat as a 3 person HMO would break the covenants of the lease.

    - Building is a semi converted...
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  • LandlordAnna
    started a topic Sublet fee amount

    Sublet fee amount

    Hello! I’m hoping someone more used to “legal” language might be able to confirm I’m reading our lease correctly.
    Management agent is trying to charge us £48 admin fee for Sublet consent and yearly renewal of it, as we are now letting our flat. But this is what the lease says:
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  • Forecourt/parking area demised to me, but others have 'right' to use? HELP!


    I live in a building comprising 3 flats.
    We, the 3 leaseholders, have collectively purchased the freehold and are shareholders in the management company we've established to manage the maintenance of the building (and which owns the freehold).

    The lease and associated...
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  • APAT
    started a topic Repair - Who should pay

    Repair - Who should pay

    I am a lease holder. My flat has a balcony and the balcony floor board are my responsibility. Anything below floor board is free holder responsibility per the lease agreement. There is some residual water build up happening below the floor board and some drainage issues that is leading to water build...
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  • RICS Small Business Retail lease

    Has anyone used one of these leases? I own a property which contains a shop and I want to issue this straightforward short lease to my tenant but I need some advice. RICS have no guidance notes, the solicitor I spoke to has never heard of it and a surveyor I spoke to advised me to just do it myself....
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  • Freeholder's obligation to respond

    I've just purchased my first property, a leasehold flat. I am aware that my lease states that I need to request any additions to the freeholder. I need to add fitted wardrobes urgently to the property so I wrote him a letter two weeks ago but he has failed to respond, the letter was tracked and signed,...
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  • FlatownerCLP
    replied to Moved wall woes
    I have a share of freehold flat with a lease attached. Back in 2015, I had an internal water leak in my ground floor flat. There was so much damaged that it had to be stripped back to brick to be dried out and then have major works and redecoration done. I had to move out for 6 months. The one thing...
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  • Jodieh
    started a topic Lease hold query

    Lease hold query

    There are 3 us with flats above a shop, we have the same freeholder yet we have different leases, is that how it is supposed to be.

    I need a new roof and my neighbours lease says the landlord must pay half, yet mine does not, should he not be liable for some responsibility

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  • Are stocks of keys a legitimate use of service charge funds?

    Hi all,
    Our managing agent has included a cost in last year's service charge for buying a stock of keys so that future tenants can buy them from the agent instead of the actual supplier.

    I maintain that this is trading and it is an inappropriate use of service charge funds since I...
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  • Bazzaboom
    started a topic Freeholder deceased

    Freeholder deceased

    Hi Everyone,

    We own the freehold of the 5 flats as tenants in common and no company set up between 3 people and we are also the lease holders of the 5 flats.

    The problem is that one of the owners has died and he owns 2 of the flats the other flats are owned by my self (2 flats...
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  • Separate AST or Deed of Variance?

    Evening guys,

    I'd really appreciate your thoughts...

    Existing commercial lease in place for a small ground floor shop (a barbers), with 9 years left.

    4 x small 1 bed flats above...with separate entrance at rear of the commercial shops.

    The flat above...
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  • Do Multiple owners of a Property All need to sign to lease to a tenant

    I have come across a bit of an anomaly. My father-in-law has rented a property that he jointly owns with his daughters out to a weekly tenant. His daughters are over the age of 18 and had no involvement in this. Is the lease binding?...
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