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  • APAT
    started a topic Repair - Who should pay

    Repair - Who should pay

    I am a lease holder. My flat has a balcony and the balcony floor board are my responsibility. Anything below floor board is free holder responsibility per the lease agreement. There is some residual water build up happening below the floor board and some drainage issues that is leading to water build...
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  • RICS Small Business Retail lease

    Has anyone used one of these leases? I own a property which contains a shop and I want to issue this straightforward short lease to my tenant but I need some advice. RICS have no guidance notes, the solicitor I spoke to has never heard of it and a surveyor I spoke to advised me to just do it myself....
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  • Freeholder's obligation to respond

    I've just purchased my first property, a leasehold flat. I am aware that my lease states that I need to request any additions to the freeholder. I need to add fitted wardrobes urgently to the property so I wrote him a letter two weeks ago but he has failed to respond, the letter was tracked and signed,...
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  • FlatownerCLP
    replied to Moved wall woes
    I have a share of freehold flat with a lease attached. Back in 2015, I had an internal water leak in my ground floor flat. There was so much damaged that it had to be stripped back to brick to be dried out and then have major works and redecoration done. I had to move out for 6 months. The one thing...
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  • Jodieh
    started a topic Lease hold query

    Lease hold query

    There are 3 us with flats above a shop, we have the same freeholder yet we have different leases, is that how it is supposed to be.

    I need a new roof and my neighbours lease says the landlord must pay half, yet mine does not, should he not be liable for some responsibility

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  • Are stocks of keys a legitimate use of service charge funds?

    Hi all,
    Our managing agent has included a cost in last year's service charge for buying a stock of keys so that future tenants can buy them from the agent instead of the actual supplier.

    I maintain that this is trading and it is an inappropriate use of service charge funds since I...
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  • Bazzaboom
    started a topic Freeholder deceased

    Freeholder deceased

    Hi Everyone,

    We own the freehold of the 5 flats as tenants in common and no company set up between 3 people and we are also the lease holders of the 5 flats.

    The problem is that one of the owners has died and he owns 2 of the flats the other flats are owned by my self (2 flats...
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  • Separate AST or Deed of Variance?

    Evening guys,

    I'd really appreciate your thoughts...

    Existing commercial lease in place for a small ground floor shop (a barbers), with 9 years left.

    4 x small 1 bed flats above...with separate entrance at rear of the commercial shops.

    The flat above...
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  • Do Multiple owners of a Property All need to sign to lease to a tenant

    I have come across a bit of an anomaly. My father-in-law has rented a property that he jointly owns with his daughters out to a weekly tenant. His daughters are over the age of 18 and had no involvement in this. Is the lease binding?...
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  • VPatel2707
    started a topic Section 20 and 18 Month Rule

    Section 20 and 18 Month Rule

    Good Evening All,

    Please can someone assist me with a query?

    We are currently in the process of taking the Landlord to a FTT in relation to works completed on a roof.

    We believe that there has been a number of substantial flaws with the process - one argument...
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  • Renewal of tenancy without all tenants staying

    I am one of three tenants in a flat under an assured shorthold tenancy agreement.

    This tenancy agreement is due to come to an end at the end of June. Myself and one of the other flatmates would like to stay, but the final flatmate (who is in the UK representing his company, which is based...
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  • Demised Premises Liability for a Roof Terrace

    Good afternoon (first time so excuse poor etiquette),

    To summarise the situation: I am purchasing in the top floor flat in a terrace building where there are two flats below me. A large part of the roof is flat and I am thinking of asking for this to be included in the demised premise,...
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  • Chadha
    started a topic Help


    Hi everybody. Hope you all are keeping well. I am really stressed out with my nasty next door. I bought ground floor flat last year but next door flat person leaving in council property for 10 years. He had bad criminal background and he kept one europiun girl permanently upstairs in the flat for...
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  • Converting front garden into a driveway.


    I purchased my ground floor flat last year, its a converted house with 3 flats in. It has a small front garden which is 100% mine within the lease, but it is large enough that it would fit a car on it.

    The 'Garden' right now it just patchy weeds.

    My question...
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  • savvy
    started a topic Freeholder repairs

    Freeholder repairs

    I have a tenanted ground floor flat in a converted house. The upper flat owner is the freeholder and is also a rental property although has been vacant for over a year.

    In December my tenant reported that there was a damp issue in my property (damp stains on the bottom of the walls, dripping...
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