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  • £100 Ground rent 23 days late; £48 fee. Is this fair?

    Received letter stating late payment fee added to £100 bill. Apparently first letter sent in Feb for bill payment 1st April. Reminder letter sent after this. Letter dated 24th Aoril to say that fee has been added. I have not received any correspondence until now. Never paid late before, nor had any...
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  • Delayed in nominations - Freehold Purchase.

    Hi There,
    we (5 leaseholders) have been late in sending the nominations to freeholder within given 2 months time as freeholder went into administration and appointed administrators are selling the freehoild. we did sent back the offer acceptance notice within time but couldn't set up a company
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  • ameliaejones
    started a topic Charges for late rent

    Charges for late rent

    I rent out a few properties and my tenancy agreement doesnt say anything about late rent charges.
    Does this mean I cant charge any money if they repeatedly pay late, or can I send a letter out with a list of charges to all tenants for late paid rent?
    Thanks for you help guys
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  • 120
    started a topic Late Checkout

    Late Checkout

    Dear LLZone,

    I moved out of an old property on the 30th June, and since that date tried contacting the LL and agency to arrange a checkout.
    Today (19th July) I had the LL phone me wanting to do a checkout.

    The contract states within 10days of the end of tenancy...
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  • bureaucrazy
    started a topic Charges unfair?

    Charges unfair?

    Over the last year I have been plagued with late rent payment and there seems to be no incetive for the tenants to pay on time.

    Are there any terms I can add to the AST for future tenants to encourage timely payment? I read that doing this may be deemed unfair under "The Unfair Terms...
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