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  • New tenants - double bed mistake

    Hello everyone,

    I am a new landlord and just signed my first AST with tenants (two professional sharers). Unfortunately it started with a bid of a disagreement.

    As part of special conditions of the offer, after viewing the flat once, the tenants requested 1) professional cleaning...
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  • Advice on letting one room while I'm away

    I am moving to EU for a new job, and I would like to rent one room in my house in Scotland.
    Any recommendation or advice on how to do that?
    In particular, I would like to be recommended a reliable agency taking good care of everything since I'll be so far.
    The details are as follows:...
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  • McDij
    started a topic Tennancey agreements.

    Tennancey agreements.

    Hi all,

    I have a question, I was pretty sure all tenancy agreements are between the landlord and the tenant, i been told that the agreement can also be setup in a way that the agreement is between the agent and the tenant?

    I thought it was always between the landlord and the...
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  • Lend Me Your Expertise

    I'm sure many of you will have heard about Co-Living. Creating greater margins for Landlords while joining people together and create a sense of connection and community. This all sounds amazing but is it being done the right way?

    My names Henry and I have recently taken over as...
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  • HairdresserH
    started a topic Unreasonable Landlord?

    Unreasonable Landlord?

    MY friend has had her hairdresser shop for 42 years. Her landlord has just sold the property and has given her 4 weeks to vacate.

    She cant remember when her lease was last renewed, she stays there with an oral agreement with her landlord.

    What makes things complicated is the...
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  • My landlord is not returning deposit money ?

    Hi, I am international student and my landlord is not returning deposit money we paid (me and my partner). He first said he will give us back within few days now he is accusing us to break the general door of building (back door towards garden) we used to live in flat in london colney. He is saying...
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  • Ellie99
    started a topic Commercial Property at Auction

    Commercial Property at Auction


    I am completely new to the auction game and looking for some advice. I already own 3 buy to lets that have all been purchased via the conventional route. What I am looking at is a fairly risky property, I know it is. I always get drawn to the risky ones. (Nearly ended up with a derelict...
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  • Can the freeholder be the director in both companies?

    Freehold for a site with 21 flats was sold to a private investor who did not realise until after the purchase, one of the property is on a shared ownership

    Service charge sky rocketed upon acquiring. They were taken to the tribunal and the amounts where revised.
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  • Gospete
    started a topic Tenancy renewal question

    Tenancy renewal question

    We are having noise issues with the people living in the Flat above us, they moved in this February on a 1 year tenancy agreement.

    Their Landlord (who we know) acknowledges the problem and has said that the agreement will not be renewed. The Letting Agent is aware of the situation.
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  • LisaMC
    started a topic Calculating mortgage interest for tax return

    Calculating mortgage interest for tax return

    Hi there,

    I'm filling in my self assessment tax return for rental income for Apr 20 - Apr 21.
    I stopped receiving payments in October 2020 and moved back into the property.
    I understand that we now receive a percentage of relief for the mortgage interest so we still have to...
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  • Can anyone recommend how I can set up an SPV online?


    I'm looking to setup an SPV for letting out my residential property. Creating a Ltd company online is so easy to do and can cost around £15+ (with a Business Bank account option too). My accountant said he could do this for about £300, but I thought that was a bit steep given its...
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  • NaomiB
    started a topic Defective garage lease

    Defective garage lease

    Six years ago I took my freeholders to court because they had let several of the 18 garages here fall into serious disrepair and two had been demolished. The basic problem was that, whereas the flats were demised from the plaster in, the garages walls and all party walls drains pipes cables and wires...
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  • Pidge
    started a topic Broken Boiler

    Broken Boiler

    Hello everyone. I’m a tenant in a very old house. Our boiler broke on Saturday night and I notified our landlady on Sunday morning. There was water pouring all over my things so I switched off the mains. The landlady loaned us some electric heaters but couldn’t get anyone round until Monday morning....
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  • Broken Glass Stove Top. Who's responsible?

    Hi all!

    Looking for some advise here. So I am renting in a student flat where I only live with one more person. Earlier when I was cleaning the glass stove top the glass cracked in 2 places. (Attached below) It happened when I applied some pressure with a sponge while cleaning it in the...
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  • Section 21, Lockdown & Harassment from Landlord

    I wonder if anyone on here could give me advice please? I've sought advice previously as our landlord tried to give notice during the first lockdown and has persisted in trying to get us to leave. In brief, 12 months AST ended in April, we did not sign a new contract and so entered into a periodic rolling...
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