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  • Pidge
    started a topic Broken Boiler

    Broken Boiler

    Hello everyone. I’m a tenant in a very old house. Our boiler broke on Saturday night and I notified our landlady on Sunday morning. There was water pouring all over my things so I switched off the mains. The landlady loaned us some electric heaters but couldn’t get anyone round until Monday morning....
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  • Broken Glass Stove Top. Who's responsible?

    Hi all!

    Looking for some advise here. So I am renting in a student flat where I only live with one more person. Earlier when I was cleaning the glass stove top the glass cracked in 2 places. (Attached below) It happened when I applied some pressure with a sponge while cleaning it in the...
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  • Section 21, Lockdown & Harassment from Landlord

    I wonder if anyone on here could give me advice please? I've sought advice previously as our landlord tried to give notice during the first lockdown and has persisted in trying to get us to leave. In brief, 12 months AST ended in April, we did not sign a new contract and so entered into a periodic rolling...
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  • Nat1178
    started a topic Pet consent

    Pet consent

    Hi, I don’t know why but my previous post was unapproved. SO let me repost this topic.

    I just exchanged the contact for a leasehold property. The freeholder’s agent is {Name removed}.

    My lease requires freeholder’s consent for keeping a pet. I have a cat and need consent...
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  • Transferring Freehold when only 2 leaseholders.

    Hello All,

    I am currently in the process of purchasing my freehold from the current owner. The property only has 2 flats and 2 leases, i am glad to say that the relationship with the second leaseholder is amicable. I just wanted some advice on how best to proceed. Would you recommend both...
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  • sblades
    started a topic Self employed and renting

    Self employed and renting


    I was wondering if someone is able to give us some advice regarding referencing?

    My partner and I are currently looking to move for his new job and rent out a property, we currently privately rent a property owned by my partner's parents and have previously rented several...
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  • Planning for house to flat conversion

    I am interested in a property which has two flats with separate tenants already in place. The property is being sold by the family of the previous Landlord who has sadly passed. I have however been advised that there was never any planning permission to convert this property form a house to two seperate...
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  • inadequate TV replacement

    Hi everyone,

    I have a quick question about my rights as a tenant. We had a 50" TV that came with the property when we moved in 1.5 years ago. The TV stopped working through no fault of our own a week ago. We told our letting agents, they made no attempt to fix the TV and told us that...
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  • Peter68
    started a topic Freehold Covenant Restricting Pets

    Freehold Covenant Restricting Pets

    I have recently acquired the freehold to my block. It's slightly unusual in that it's one of many buildings within a development and the freeholder of the wider estate has imposed a restrictive covenant prohibiting pets. Myself and my wife feel particularly strongly about this and are interested to...
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  • RICS Small Business Retail lease

    Has anyone used one of these leases? I own a property which contains a shop and I want to issue this straightforward short lease to my tenant but I need some advice. RICS have no guidance notes, the solicitor I spoke to has never heard of it and a surveyor I spoke to advised me to just do it myself....
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  • Cancel tenancy before is starts

    Hi all

    new landlord here so apologies for the question or laughable mistake I’ve made.

    I have recently signed a tenancy agreement and stupidly run a credit check after. The Tennant has precious CCjs and a high risk score.

    Is there anyway I can get out of the...
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  • Advice for being company secretary of a small management company managing 5 flats

    Good afternoon.

    I am the owner of a flat with a share of freehold along with 4 other flat owners. The freehold is kept by a management company in which we each have a share and we are all also directors of that company. We manage the upkeep and maintenance of the property ourselves in house....
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  • Can I void my AST if I didn’t pay a deposit

    Hi, is there any way I could void my Assured Shorthold tenancy with a private accommodation if I have:

    - not moved in
    - not paid a deposit
    - not paid any part of the rent yet
    - signed the tenancy online

    They are constantly ignoring my request to access the...
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  • Advice/opinion on unresponsive landlord


    I moved out of a student flat on the 09/06/2020 (the tenancy was ending on the 16/06/2020 but I decided to move out a week early due to the whole COVID situation, and the landlord agreed for me to do so). On the final day, the landlord came to check the condition of the property...
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  • Jodieh
    started a topic Lease hold query

    Lease hold query

    There are 3 us with flats above a shop, we have the same freeholder yet we have different leases, is that how it is supposed to be.

    I need a new roof and my neighbours lease says the landlord must pay half, yet mine does not, should he not be liable for some responsibility

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