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  • grazbo
    started a topic RTM Insurance Claims

    RTM Insurance Claims


    An RTM Co organises the building insurance in a large block where the premium is paid equally by all leaseholders. The RTM Co does NOT include all leaseholders, nor does it include the freeholder.

    Should insurance claims be discussed, disclosed or agreed with all leaseholders...
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  • Owner V Non Owner resident - Who has Liability?

    I had a tenant in a property who has now vacated. Since they are out I have received a claim from her partner, who had no right to be living in the property as he was not listed on the AST as per the terms. He hit his head on a lamp on the wall and sustained a very minor injury, not requiring...
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  • frodie
    started a topic Water damage - insurance advice please

    Water damage - insurance advice please

    Some advice pretty please clever people......

    Our tenant reported damage due to leak from dishwasher. letting agent investigated, new pipework needed to the isolator tap, leak fixed. Apparently the tenant doesn't use the dishwasher so undetected until he returned from holiday and found...
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  • Is the Freeholder or owner of the flat liable for the INSURANCE excess after a claim?

    I have just had a flood down to a burst pipe and the freeholder was really difficult about claiming on the buildings insurance, its all done now finely but hes stuck me the bill for the insurance excess and other bits the insurance didnt cover. Would i be liable for this? Its doest say anything about...
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  • ashburnham
    started a topic Escape of Water Leaks in Flats

    Escape of Water Leaks in Flats

    As a Landlords Insurance Broker and the LandlordZONE Topic Expert for Insurance I deal with many insurance claim queries but there is one type of claim that seems to generate more enquiries than any other and that is how to deal with water damage to a downstairs flat following a leak from the flat above....
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  • flowertwists
    started a topic A bit of a mess

    A bit of a mess


    I have got into a pickle by believing my letting agents have been acting on my behalf and feeding me back correct information.
    So here it goes:
    The spare room had a bit of a damp problem caused by leaking guttering, the management company established the gutters not...
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  • At what point is voiding contract due to repossession possible?

    If, under a commercial mortgage, an insurance claim renders it impossible to trade due to substantial refurbishments, thus preventing an income being generated and in turn an inability to pay the mortgage, during the claim the lender seeks possession due to mortgage arrears, but without the finished...
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  • Leak led to ceiling collapse- lessor or lessee responsible?

    I'm not sure if this a problem with my freeholder or the insurance they have.
    My freeholder notified me by letter on 16 July of a leak from my tenanted flat to the store room below. Unfortunately the letter did not arrive because it was wrongly addressed. They then sent another letter (to the...
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