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  • Notice of Assignment on inherited leasehold property.

    Could anyone tell me if a Notice of Assignment has to be given to the freeholder of a leasehold property if the new leaseholder inherits the property (as opposed to purchasing it). The lease states that notice must be given "within one month of any assignment assent transfer or under lease of the...
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  • Correct agreement for tenant taking in a Lodger

    First Question: would a readily available agreement from somewhere like be suitable? I am currently a tenant living in a large house who has one lodger (old friend) with no agreement, looking to take in more lodgers (that I most likely wont know) to make full use of the rooms in the house....
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  • robertdhthomas
    started a topic Tennant in common living in property

    Tennant in common living in property

    Hi everyone,

    My brother and sister and I are in the process of receiving a property as a gift from our parents in the hope of avoiding inheritance tax. We have offered to pay the CGT and conveyancing costs for my parents as it seems only fair.

    The property is a mortgage...
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  • Timo
    started a topic Possessory title

    Possessory title

    Over several generations of my family, a small parcel (no. Buildings) of land was bequeathed down the line, however over time the title deed has been lost. There is considerable evidence that the land came down ancestory lines including annual wayleave being paid by an electricity company for use of...
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  • Landlordzonenewby
    started a topic Inheritance: Renting : Help

    Inheritance: Renting : Help

    Hi All,
    I wonder if someone can advise.

    In Dec' my mum in law died leaving a house to my husband.

    If we decide to rent:

    1.Can we do this if the house remains in my mum in laws name (once we do probate). Is my husband legally able to...
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  • Can guarantor pass property on in a Will without paying debt

    Hello All,

    I'm about to register a charge against a guarantors property for unpaid rent. Is it possible for the guarantor to pass the property on in a Will without the debt being paid off?

    The property is soley in the name of the guarantor.
    There is no other occupant...
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  • Potential sitting tenant and how to deal with it


    I'm hoping to get some clarification with regards to a long standing tenant and what happens when the current landlord dies and her son inherits the property.

    My mother in law has rented what was her mother's property to the same tenant since her mother's...
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