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  • kate3486
    started a topic New flat - heavy moth infestation

    New flat - heavy moth infestation

    My flatmate and I have just moved into a new flat today (Scotland). We started to rent this flat from a private landlord on the 19th of June and stayed there overnight. Then we had to go back home until today to pack our previous flat.

    On the 19th we noticed some moths flying around and...
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  • londonjosh
    started a topic Cockroach infestation

    Cockroach infestation


    My wife and I have been renting a flat since 19th December. In February we started to see cockroaches coming through from the flat next door, which has now been empty for sometime. We can see cockroaches through the flats' windows, which is completely overrun with them, so it's...
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  • Help Tenants flat is infested with fruit flies and tradesman won't go in!!!!!

    Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated!
    I have a tenant who is currently in a section 21 due to rent arrears, it expired 2 weeks ago but I have delayed pursuing it as she agreed to a go to the council and sort out her housing benefit and start paying towards her arrears! She has not done...
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  • Rhughes
    started a topic Mouse & Ant Infestation

    Mouse & Ant Infestation

    Hi, i've posted before about the same property.

    Move in date: 28th May
    No gas supply until 17 days into tenancy.
    A list as long as my arm of repairs that needed doing after we moved in.
    (There was a break in after we viewed the house which put our move in date back...
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  • Tenant claims cockroach infestation

    Hi, have a few questions about cockroaches and infestation as a grounds for a tenant to break a lease which has no provision for the tenant to terminate the lease at all (intended to be in force for 1 year), and where the duty of a landlord to prevent roach infestation ends.

    Here are...
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  • Thyrsis
    started a topic Rats....who is responsible?

    Rats....who is responsible?

    We have just had a call from the agent who manages our property to say that they have had the loft space at the property checked by a pest control company who say there is a rat problem.

    The quote for dealing with this is nearly £900.

    There has never been a problem before,...
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  • Limas
    started a topic Cockroaches in communal hallway

    Cockroaches in communal hallway

    Hi there

    Hoping someone can help with this query.

    Me and my flatmate moved into our rented property in September 2009. Our flat is in an Edwardian terrace on a commercial street. The terrace house is divided into two shops on the ground floor, and one flat is located above...
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  • Problems with rodent infestation: mouse/mice/rats/etc.

    I'm due to move into a property that I have rented through an agent on saturday. Last week I was able to gain access to the property to measure up for some of my furniture, whilst in the property I notice that there were a large number of pest control boxes throughout. I have since found out from the...
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