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  • Legal charges arising from FTT


    To cut a long story short, I had to go through an FTT process recently which I lost - even though I provided evidence of underhand activities (including invoices which had been forged, etc) undertaken by my Managing Agent. I complied with the FTT decision and paid the service charges...
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  • Freeholder has taken out Landlord Insurance instead of Block of Flats insurance

    I'm a leaseholder of a top floor flat in a semi-detached house converted into two flats. Per the terms of my lease, the freeholder is responsible for insuring the building, and I am required to pay my share of the premium.

    The ground floor flat and freehold are under new ownership, both...
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  • NaomiB
    started a topic Defective garage lease

    Defective garage lease

    Six years ago I took my freeholders to court because they had let several of the 18 garages here fall into serious disrepair and two had been demolished. The basic problem was that, whereas the flats were demised from the plaster in, the garages walls and all party walls drains pipes cables and wires...
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  • Any complications caused from leaseholder refurbishing communal parts

    We are one of 2 leaseholders, converting an office building into 3 flats. The freeholder and other leaseholder, have agreed for us to refurbish the communal parts. We are aware of all the required building & fire regulations. Until now, we've simply split the cost between us, the leaseholders....
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  • Freeholder refusing to co-operate with the RTM and with leaseholder's sales


    I'm a long time lurker and have tried to read through all the relevant threads, but apologies if this is going over old ground.

    I bought a flat in 2005, in a small converted block. Pretty soon we had issues with the freeholder doing very little to keep the property in...
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  • Transferring Freehold when only 2 leaseholders.

    Hello All,

    I am currently in the process of purchasing my freehold from the current owner. The property only has 2 flats and 2 leases, i am glad to say that the relationship with the second leaseholder is amicable. I just wanted some advice on how best to proceed. Would you recommend both...
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  • Planning for house to flat conversion

    I am interested in a property which has two flats with separate tenants already in place. The property is being sold by the family of the previous Landlord who has sadly passed. I have however been advised that there was never any planning permission to convert this property form a house to two seperate...
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  • Neighbourly behaviour breaching lease?

    Hi LZ community. I'm quite new to forums, I hope I'm posting correctly and in the correct location. I'm sorry for the amount of information, but I believe it is all relevant to my problem.

    I am the freeholder in ground floor flat with leaseholder (LH) on 1st floor. This is an 100+yr old...
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  • sharmski
    started a topic Extending a leasehold property

    Extending a leasehold property

    Hi - I have a share of freehold ground floor flat as part of a converted house which we have extended. The two flats in the house each have long reciprocal leases. Do I need to update the demise of the lease to show the new extent of the ground floor flat, and if so, what’s the simplest and quickest...
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  • APAT
    started a topic Repair - Who should pay

    Repair - Who should pay

    I am a lease holder. My flat has a balcony and the balcony floor board are my responsibility. Anything below floor board is free holder responsibility per the lease agreement. There is some residual water build up happening below the floor board and some drainage issues that is leading to water build...
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  • Structural Alterations - what does this include?

    Hello, I am in the process of renovating a flat with a 189 year lease. My partner and I want to turn the existing living room into a kitchen/living room. The existing kitchen will remain where it is as a utility room, only removing the cooker.

    To do this we will have to add water pipes...
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  • Advice for being company secretary of a small management company managing 5 flats

    Good afternoon.

    I am the owner of a flat with a share of freehold along with 4 other flat owners. The freehold is kept by a management company in which we each have a share and we are all also directors of that company. We manage the upkeep and maintenance of the property ourselves in house....
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  • Namaste
    started a topic FTT Submission

    FTT Submission

    I am a leaseholder. Could someone please advise where to find a sample FTT submission for lease extension? The Freeholder is refusing to agree terms even though I have offered him what he is asking just to get it done. His solicitor is unhelpful in helping to get a sensible answer so I’ve applied...
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  • Freeholder's obligation to respond

    I've just purchased my first property, a leasehold flat. I am aware that my lease states that I need to request any additions to the freeholder. I need to add fitted wardrobes urgently to the property so I wrote him a letter two weeks ago but he has failed to respond, the letter was tracked and signed,...
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  • 529 Charlie
    started a topic Can we claim back the VAT?

    Can we claim back the VAT?

    We are 3 Leaseholders each with a share of the freehold of our shared building. Purchase of our flats meant we also became Directors of a dormant Management Company. We need urgent maintenance/Major Works doing and wondered how and if we can claim back the VAT charged by the builder(s).

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