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  • Nat1178
    started a topic Pet consent

    Pet consent

    Hi, I don’t know why but my previous post was unapproved. SO let me repost this topic.

    I just exchanged the contact for a leasehold property. The freeholder’s agent is {Name removed}.

    My lease requires freeholder’s consent for keeping a pet. I have a cat and need consent...
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  • Transferring Freehold when only 2 leaseholders.

    Hello All,

    I am currently in the process of purchasing my freehold from the current owner. The property only has 2 flats and 2 leases, i am glad to say that the relationship with the second leaseholder is amicable. I just wanted some advice on how best to proceed. Would you recommend both...
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  • Freeholder failed to update building insurance

    I sublet my flat which the freeholder was informed. Also I have informed via WhatsApp the date of move in and tenant name 2 days before they move in. It was read by the freeholder but no response from him. Also right after the tenant moved in he did meet him and talked to him.

    Now I have...
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  • Planning for house to flat conversion

    I am interested in a property which has two flats with separate tenants already in place. The property is being sold by the family of the previous Landlord who has sadly passed. I have however been advised that there was never any planning permission to convert this property form a house to two seperate...
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  • Peter68
    started a topic Freehold Covenant Restricting Pets

    Freehold Covenant Restricting Pets

    I have recently acquired the freehold to my block. It's slightly unusual in that it's one of many buildings within a development and the freeholder of the wider estate has imposed a restrictive covenant prohibiting pets. Myself and my wife feel particularly strongly about this and are interested to...
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  • APAT
    started a topic Repair - Who should pay

    Repair - Who should pay

    I am a lease holder. My flat has a balcony and the balcony floor board are my responsibility. Anything below floor board is free holder responsibility per the lease agreement. There is some residual water build up happening below the floor board and some drainage issues that is leading to water build...
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  • Advice for being company secretary of a small management company managing 5 flats

    Good afternoon.

    I am the owner of a flat with a share of freehold along with 4 other flat owners. The freehold is kept by a management company in which we each have a share and we are all also directors of that company. We manage the upkeep and maintenance of the property ourselves in house....
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  • Jon&Dan
    started a topic Restrictive Covenant Advice

    Restrictive Covenant Advice

    I have a freehold property with some restrictive covenants attached. One of which states: Not to use or permit to be used any part of the property or any dwelling erected thereon for any trade business or occupation of any description whatsoever nor for any purpose other that of a single private d...
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  • Jodieh
    started a topic Lease hold query

    Lease hold query

    There are 3 us with flats above a shop, we have the same freeholder yet we have different leases, is that how it is supposed to be.

    I need a new roof and my neighbours lease says the landlord must pay half, yet mine does not, should he not be liable for some responsibility

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  • Drewcole
    started a topic Purchase of freehold

    Purchase of freehold

    Hi All,

    I own a 2 bed ground floor flat in a converted Victorian house (2 flats in total) that i have a long lease of 167yrs. I currently pay a ground rent of £160, a service charge of £400 and a insurance premium of £800!

    I have spoken to the owner of the flat above and...
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  • Right to Manage (RTM) - Been through process or have an RTM? I have a few questions.

    Right to Manage (RTM) - Been through process or have an RTM? I have a few questions.

    26-06-2020, 15:12 PM
    Hello everyone,

    My flat I live in, in East London, is in a block of 2 flats (converted house). Both leaseholders are interested in a RTM opposed to Enfranchisement due to premium...
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  • Ground Rent Capitalisation rate?

    Hi All,

    I'm just wondering what the Ground rent capitalisation rate should be. Is there a calculation or spreadsheet someone can point me in the direction of?

    East London Flat (block of 2 in total)

    Flat values are around £300k each

    Remaining Length...
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  • Purchasing a freehold with restrictive covenant against letting part of the property

    Hello all

    I am a first-time buyer about to purchase a freehold house in London. I am otherwise very happy with the house but have some reservations regarding a couple of the restrictive covenants: - "The Transferee shall not part with or share possession or occupation...
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  • Bazzaboom
    started a topic Freeholder deceased

    Freeholder deceased

    Hi Everyone,

    We own the freehold of the 5 flats as tenants in common and no company set up between 3 people and we are also the lease holders of the 5 flats.

    The problem is that one of the owners has died and he owns 2 of the flats the other flats are owned by my self (2 flats...
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  • Converting front garden into a driveway.


    I purchased my ground floor flat last year, its a converted house with 3 flats in. It has a small front garden which is 100% mine within the lease, but it is large enough that it would fit a car on it.

    The 'Garden' right now it just patchy weeds.

    My question...
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