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  • Centurino
    started a topic RMC Wanting to Purchase Freehold

    RMC Wanting to Purchase Freehold

    We self-manage our apartments via an RMC and want to purchase the freehold from a mortgagee in possession, who lent the liquidated builder (the original freeholder) the money. The liquidator has recently sent a Notice of Disclaimer in respect of the freehold stating the liquidated company will be dissolved...
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  • Buying share of freehold & voting arrangements

    This is my first post, so I hope it's in the right place and appropriate for this forum. I am part of a group working on buying the freehold of our building after our landlord issued us with a Right of First Refusal. We are a large bdg with 190 flats, and can't expect to get 100% buy in to the freehold,...
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  • House has two leases, can I buy the freehold or head lease?!

    I am in an area of the country where the council retains the freehold on developments - ostensibly to avoid fragmentation of estates. My developer owned the head lease when I bought the property, and has since sold it to a leasehold management company. The head lease is a peppercorn rent to the council...
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  • tbooth88
    started a topic Splitting a freehold

    Splitting a freehold


    I currently live in a ground floor flat and within the building, there is one other flat above mine. There are no communal areas and each flat has its own main front door. I bought the freehold for the whole building last year due to the short term on my lease and getting a good price...
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  • Outnumbered
    started a topic Share of freehold disputes

    Share of freehold disputes

    I own the 1/4 share of freehold of a house, we are 4 flats in total. We arrange meetings on an adhoc basis when we feel there are issues to discuss, and we have email conversations about fixing things etc.
    At our last meeting things got heated and I felt ganged up upon by the 3 other...
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  • Should I buy the freehold on my house

    I currently live in a new build house which i have been in for almost 3 years. When i bought the house it was sold to us as leasehold.
    I have read a lot in the news about the leasehold scandal which is going on about ground rents doubling every ten years causing leasehold house un-sellable....
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  • Share of Freehold not mentioned in the contract


    I was told that the share of freehold is managed by a company and I should become a member of it when I buy a leasehold in the building. Also a share certificate will be sent at exchange.

    I am concerned that there is no mention of the share of freehold in the contract nor...
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  • Building insurance being charged by freeholder

    i'm sure this one comes up all the time but I went through the first few pages and couldn't find an answer.

    The freehold for my flat is owned by Pier management (Regis group) in Southend. The building comprises of two flats with an equal division of the insurance. The amount we are being...
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  • Garden- resident free holder in breach of lease

    My upstairs neighbour has recently purchased the lease for our property- not illegally but in a highly underhand fashion (but that’s another story!)

    I own the ground floor flat and she owns the upstairs flat, it is a Victorian terrace conversion (2 flats only). According to the lease...
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  • adebayojam
    started a topic Private Access Road

    Private Access Road

    I am the owner of a private access road through which my neighbours including myself have to pass to use their car parking facilities (Garage). One of my neighbours keeps parking her car on the access road thus causing an inconvenience for myself and other neighbours. I have written to her to stop,...
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  • Shared Freehold Ground Floor Flat Garden Extension

    Hi there,

    My partner and I are planning to build a 3.5m extension to the rear of our flat and are getting really confused about what processes we need to go through.

    To give you a bit of background, we own a share of the freehold and have sole use of the section of garden we...
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  • Adding a flat to a mixed commercial/residential property

    Hi all,

    I own the freehold of a mixed commercial/residential. Ground floor is a retail unit with three flats above sold on long lease. I am looking to extend the ground floor and use some of the existing retail space to create a new flat at the rear. Could some kindly help me answer the...
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  • Right of first refusal- freehold sold to lease holder- no right of first refusal

    I live in the GFF of a Victorian conversion with one other flat upstairs. The free holder has just sold the free hold to my upstairs neighbour without informing me in advance or offering right of first refusal.

    Just over a year ago he informed us of his intention to sell the free hold....
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  • Freeholder demanding additional service-charge payment due to an error

    Hello community

    The freeholder of my mortgaged property is requesting additional service-charge payments. They allegedly under claimed on my charges due to a glitch in their 'system'. The letter does not contain information about the amount due or a breakdown of these outstanding...
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  • Ujj
    started a topic Selling Leasehold to Freeholder

    Selling Leasehold to Freeholder

    Dear all,

    Apologies if this is posted in the wrong place but wondering if anyone can shed some clarity on this and what I should be thinking about.

    I purchased the entire Freehold interest for a block of flats (3 units in total) some years ago into a Ltd company for which I'm...
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