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  • Evicting an Excluded Tenant


    Wondering if we can go through with evicting an excluded tenant from a property (property under estate management / probate) , by giving notice to quit, locksmith, police, change locks etc) even though this tenant now has an active court claim submitted (may be dismissed before a hearing,...
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  • Carpman
    started a topic What happens after S21

    What happens after S21

    We had a tenant for a year, him and his wife split and he moved out into our buy to let. After a year they asked if they could swap over - that way she would get housing benefit. We agreed. But, the husband was happy to leave his deposit in the scheme for the (now) benefit of his wife. It is still...
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  • Tenant living in his rented garage

    Hope someone can advise?
    We purchased a large block of garages back in Sept 15. Seller was unable to give us any contact details on one tenant, although he continued to pay rent into her a/c - £50 pcm currently. Have been trying to locate him since then, writing to his bank, leaving notes...
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  • How to start eviction when in periodic tenancy?

    Hello, I have a tenant who is in the second year of tenancy. He has a 12 month Fixed Contract which started in September 2014 and ended September 2015 so is now a periodic tenancy. I did serve a Section 21 a min 2 months prior to the end of the fixed term.

    Early this year I started...
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  • Notice to Quit and AT6 on grounds 8 and 12. How much notice and wording?

    Having trouble with a tenant. 4 months into the short assured tenancy, he said there was a break in. reported it to police, he then tried to blame me the landlord saying we entered and stole their new gaming console. Police investigation showed they left the door unlocked. we were not at fault. Tenant...
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  • SimonN
    started a topic Verbal tenancy agreement rights

    Verbal tenancy agreement rights

    I recently purchased a flat with a tenant who has been in the property since 1991. He was a 'friend of the family' of a previous owner of the property so never signed a tenancy agreement of any kind. He believes he has a 'verbal assured tenancy agreement' and as such cannot be evicted from the property....
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  • evicting commercail tenants

    Hello can any one advise me what I should do to evict tenant who has not got a valid lease in his name, who has broken lots of trading rules, has trespassed onto other areas of the property, causing damage, I believe they have bypassed the electrical metres, have broken into the other sections of the...
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