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  • MichaelA30
    started a topic Communal Cupboard Use

    Communal Cupboard Use

    Hi all,

    There is a large communal cupboard in my block of 3 flats (one of which i own leasehold) which contains the electricity meters and the bike storage. I also store a few suitcases in here but have recently been told by my service provider to remove the personal belongings in that...
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  • Jonathan1205
    started a topic tenancy issues

    tenancy issues

    Hi there,

    I am new to this forum.

    Our family moved in to a housing association property around 24 years ago. We were given assured tenancy. Our tenancy states Mr and Mrs “xxxx” and x children as tenants. Tenancy was signed by landlord and my dad. My parents were separated...
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  • UNKNOWN1991
    started a topic Deposit (unprotected)

    Deposit (unprotected)


    If a deposit for a tenant has not been protected and the current tenants have now left.
    Work needs to be done and they have some discrepancies. The deposit was held in a private bank account.

    What happens next if this goes further?

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  • Hello12345
    started a topic Deposit Protection Fees

    Deposit Protection Fees


    I have been a tenant in a flat for the past 3 years and have recently moved out. Over the past 3 years my landlord has sent me an expense sheet to pay which included a fee to protect the deposit I gave them. I was always dubious about this because I thought it was free. I paid it none...
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  • Concierge lost key and estate agents blaming me


    Sorry I'm not really sure where to post this but hoping someone can help me navigate.

    My estate agency asked for me and my flatmate to hand our keys into our concierge when we leave the flat (sent via email) which is different to our tenancy agreement. I handed my keys...
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  • Section 20 works notification - help needed as leaseholder

    I am a leaseholder in a block of flats in London. I have recently received a postal letter from our Managing Agent regarding Section 20 works being carried out on our building. This letter appears to be a Notice of Estimates, and references a previous letter, which i presume was a Notice of Intention...
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  • Outnumbered
    started a topic Share of freehold disputes

    Share of freehold disputes

    I own the 1/4 share of freehold of a house, we are 4 flats in total. We arrange meetings on an adhoc basis when we feel there are issues to discuss, and we have email conversations about fixing things etc.
    At our last meeting things got heated and I felt ganged up upon by the 3 other...
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  • Ctina
    started a topic "gifting" of white goods

    "gifting" of white goods

    Hi there. I am a tenant and have moved into a property today. The property was listed as inclusive of all white goods, which was one of the big sale points for me. I did a clean of the property when I got the keys. I cleaned the washing machine as it was full of mould in the drawer. When I went to switch...
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  • Evict 1 tenant from HMO who hasn't signed new lease?

    Hi there,

    I've just been given a Section 21 eviction notice by my landlord which I believe is unfair / invalid. However, my situation is complicated and I'm unsure of where I stand/ my rights:

    - From Oct 2017 - Sept 2018, the property was rented to a group of 8 tenants on a...
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  • Advice Needed - Landlord denying access to bedroom

    Hi all,

    So the situation is as follows: There are 3 students living at the property under an AST, the property however is a 4 bedroom house and upon viewing the property we were told that the 4th bedroom will be available as a spare room, and also that our rent will be increased by a small...
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  • T denies rent after the NTQ expiry he made unclear later

    Short story:
    1. The tenant (T) served me the notice to quit (NTQ) after I served him the Section 21 (S21) Notice. The NTQ expiry was 2 weeks earlier than the S21 expiry.
    2. After several days, T sent the rent up to the NTQ expiry, and wrote he *didn't know* if he will need to stay longer....
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  • Broadband Service Provider - Tenant Issue

    My new tenants have tried to sort out there broadband with the supplier for the previous tenants. the previous tenants took out a contract longer than their tenancy agreement and the provider is refusing to provide a new service to the new tenants until the previous tenants have cancel there agreement...
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  • Deposit return dispute


    Just vacated my old property and my landlord is withholding my deposit on the basis that the grass has not been cut. The grass length is just natural growth as I cut it three weeks ago when the weather permitted me to do so. I had my final inspection on 14/08/2018 conducted by the landlords...
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  • Absent leaseholder not maintaining flat or paying service charge

    We, three out of four flats, collectively purchased the freehold of the property where we live. The non participating leaseholder who owns the basement property has left the flat empty for a year and has not maintained it to a good standard for the last ten years. She has also not paid any service charges...
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  • Deposit return- end of tenancy with a tenant swap


    Very much appreciate your views on the below issue.

    The concise question is:

    At the end of an AST contract, can the landlord undertake simultaneously a tenant swap and a contract extension against the written wishes of outgoing tenants, and retain the...
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