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  • Tenants have stopped paying rent after notice given

    I recently issued an SP1 notice to my tenants of 6 years, giving them 2 months notice. My plan is now to sell the property.

    Since then they have stooped paying the rent, I hold their deposit (1 months rent - value less than the current 1 months rent) with the deposit protection...
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  • Do I need to give notice if I have no tenancy agreement

    I rented a Studio flat this year and had a rolling monthly tenancy agreement. 3 months in, the landlord gave everyone the building one months notice as he had been granted planning permission to redevelop the building earlier than he planned.

    The landlord had wanted me to move into a...
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  • Do I have a case? AST, deposit protection and lodger.


    I would like to know your opinion about this, that is, if I have a case or not. I will simplify as much as possible:

    I rented a room to one guy using SpareRoom.
    I stated clearly that I wanted an Assured Short-hold Tenancy agreement and my deposit protected....
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  • Agent took tenants' deposit/1m rent w/o instruction...

    I had an estate agent find a new tenant for my flat, which they did, and then had the tenants sign a tenancy agreement and send to the agent their deposit and first month rent. (I had not signed any terms with the agent, nor had this been discussed.) As I preferred to collect the rent myself and hold...
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  • liamaaa
    started a topic No bond protection

    No bond protection

    I have recently moved out of my house to move in with my partner. so decided to let my house out. I had only lived there for 20 months and expected to be there a lot longer so i renovated it to a very high standard. When I decided to let it out I was paranoid about all the work i had done being ruined...
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  • Lobo
    started a topic deposit


    Hi, Back on 13 July 2009 I rented out a semi-detatched house, (in Nottinghamshire England) My tenant was a single mum with two children, she was on benefits, and assured me the council would pay the monthly rent. There was no deposit paid, and the council did pay the rent, but one month in arrears....
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  • I failed to protect the tenant's deposit on time. What are my options

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm a landlord and I have done the unthinkable and did not protect the tenants deposit. Just at the end of the tenancy, the lead tenant contacted me saying 2 of them ( they are 3 students) needed a place to stay till their new flat was ready. I had already rented out to a...
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  • No deposit protection and deposit deductions

    Hello everyone,

    My previous landlord did not protect my deposit in any scheme, and at the end of the tenancy he decided to keep some of my money for cleaning without my consent. I did not have a contract because he refused to give me one, but he had not told me that cleaning the whole...
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  • smuk
    started a topic One Tenant, Two Deposits

    One Tenant, Two Deposits

    Our tenant moved into a property in Jan 2013 on a 6 month AST. £595 was taken as a damage deposit and was protected with DPS within 1 week. The Prescribed Info was provided as per the DPS template. In July 2013 the tenancy agreement lapsed to a statutory periodic. The original deposit was left with...
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  • iBolt
    started a topic Mesne Landlord and DPS

    Mesne Landlord and DPS

    I have what I hope is a very simple question.

    Does a mesne landlord have to register the deposit he collected from subtenants in the same way that head landlord has to do for all tenants ie within 30 days?

    Thank you for your answers in advance.
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  • mike5
    started a topic Statutory Tenancy & Deposit

    Statutory Tenancy & Deposit


    My AST ended and am now on Statutory. I paid a considerable deposit at the start of the AST = 1.5 x Monthly Rent. I believe the deposit was put into a deposit protection scheme at the start of the AST.

    My question is;

    1. As the AST has ended and am now...
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  • Protection Certificate invalid?


    My tenant has been living in the house for 6 months now. I've recently been told by MyDeposits that after the fixed term, the deposit protection (which was issued within 30 days of tenancy start etc) needs to go into a statutory periodic tenancy. No problems - I clicked the button...
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  • edonlz
    started a topic Landlord not protected deposit

    Landlord not protected deposit

    I rented near Bristol from July 2010 until December 2013, always paid my rent on time and departed the property leaving it as least as clean as when I moved in (and took photos as evidence as my landlord declined the opportunity of an exit interview).

    He has since sent a text saying the...
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  • Didnt protect deposit - how can i evict?

    Due to a number of reasons I forgot to protect a deposit on a tenancy, all my others are protected - this one slipped through. Tenant has been late paying rent from about 3 months into a 6 month agreement. Agreement was extended mutually for a further 6 months and she started receiving Housing Benefit...
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  • Changing tenancy terms during SPT

    This is something that has puzzled me. I have a number of tenancies which are now on a Statutory Periodic basis. Clearly the terms of the original AST continue to apply, but I can vary the rent by serving the appropriate notices.

    However.... what of other tenancy terms L or T might...
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