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  • Peter68
    started a topic Freehold Covenant Restricting Pets

    Freehold Covenant Restricting Pets

    I have recently acquired the freehold to my block. It's slightly unusual in that it's one of many buildings within a development and the freeholder of the wider estate has imposed a restrictive covenant prohibiting pets. Myself and my wife feel particularly strongly about this and are interested to...
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  • Leasehold - changing garden boundaries with neighbour

    Help! We are leaseholders of a first/top floor maisonette. L&Q are freeholder. The back garden is currently split on the lease between us and our downstairs neighbours. However, we have agreed that neither of us like the current split and want to change it - as it currently stands we have access...
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  • cts
    started a topic Is a deed of variation required?

    Is a deed of variation required?

    Hi All,

    Apologies if this has already been asked, I did try search the forums, but could not find anything with similar details.

    We are looking to remove an internal wall, and need consent from the freeholders (the local council).

    The internal wall is a...
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  • F3holder
    started a topic Leasehold boundary dispute.

    Leasehold boundary dispute.

    I am the freeholder of a block of apartments .
    One of the apartments has been repossessed and the bank is now trying to sell it.
    The banks solicitor has approached me and said that the flats lease and land registry show only one floor ( lease clearly states in words " first floor...
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  • Parking rights under leasehold when purchasing share of freehold

    We live in a converted house that has been made into 2 flats. We reside in the larger flat, and pay twice the amount of land rent that the other flat owner pays.

    The front forecourt in our flat has 3 parking spots.

    A deed of variation to our leasehold grants us an "exclusive...
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  • Lease Variation to Increase Ground Rent - Sue Conveyancer for Negligence?

    I purchased my second property in 2012 with 115 years on the lease. When I purchased it, I made a mistake that my conveyancer failed to advise me on. I agreed to a variation on the ground rent (see below) on the basis that a false wall splitting a large bedroom in two would remain (as the freeholder...
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  • Balcony not demised to property

    Hi, looking for some advice please. I am trying to sell my first floor leasehold flat and it turns out that the balcony attached to the flat accessed by doors from my both my bedrooms is not demised to the flat. (I am aware ths possibly should have been picked up when flat was purchased, but I am where...
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  • Deed of Variation - what's the process involved?

    I am purchasing a leasehold flat in Manchester which needs a deed of variation due to a term not being included in the original lease dated 1966 which is on a 999 year lease.

    There is a residents run management company which owns the freehold. (2 of the flat leaseholders are the directors.)...
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  • agreenie1980
    started a topic Deed of variation problems

    Deed of variation problems

    Hi this is my first post,so its really just asking for help/advice.I have a flat i cant sell due to a issue relating to access on my lease. My freeholder is being as difficult as he possibly can to avoid signing a deed of variation. Money has been offered as we cant afford a court case but this has...
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