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  • Leasehold - changing garden boundaries with neighbour

    Help! We are leaseholders of a first/top floor maisonette. L&Q are freeholder. The back garden is currently split on the lease between us and our downstairs neighbours. However, we have agreed that neither of us like the current split and want to change it - as it currently stands we have access...
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  • Deed of Surrender - Deposit Back in Joint Several Tenancy?

    The property contains 4 Ts, together making up one single joint several tenancy.

    One T has been offered a deed of surrender. Does that mean the portion of their deposit should be taken out of the scheme and handed back to T upon signing of the deed of surrender, or that T should be expected...
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  • Fugu
    started a topic Surrender of a tenancy & deposit

    Surrender of a tenancy & deposit

    My tenants have signed a 12 month 12 month Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement with no break clause.
    3 days ago they have informed me that they would like to end the tenancy early (after 6 month) to move abroad.

    I told them I would surrender the tenancy and try to find...
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  • Thyrsis
    started a topic Deed of Surrender

    Deed of Surrender

    I have agreed to my tenant leaving before the end of his tenancy and I am going to request that my tenant signs a Deed of Surrender.
    I'm wondering about the timing of this. Should it be signed and exchanged before the inventory and check out or at the same time?
    The tenant is not intending...
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