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  • Snowynight
    started a topic Declaration of bare trust for tax planning

    Declaration of bare trust for tax planning

    I own a buy-to-let property with mortgage in my sole name. I'm a 40% taxpayer and my wife doesn't have income. I would like to write a declaration of bare trust to transfer the beneficial ownership to my wife to use her tax allowance, but I will remain the sole legal owner on the title.
    1. Is a declaration
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  • How to transfer rental income to wife who is a 20% tax payer

    Afternoon all,

    I apologise in advance if the question I am posting here has been answered previously. I have spent quite a bit of time reading through numerous posts on the forum but cannot see the answers to all of the questions I have.

    Scenario as follows...

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  • Investment property via 'tenants in common' - can we change ownership later?


    My partner and I are purchasing an investment property, and we will go down the 'tenants in common' purchasing route, so that she can purchase/own 80% and I will own the other 20%.

    The plan is, for reasons I won't go into now for the sake of complicating matters, for...
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  • theguj
    started a topic HMRC Return

    HMRC Return

    I wonder if you can help or suggest where I can get help from.
    My wife and I bought a BTL property in 1999 in joint names and at that time my wife was earning less than me and I was on higher tax band, she registered with HMRC and we have been paying tax on her account, she is now a higher tax...
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  • OO06MMP
    started a topic Not A Buy To Let ??

    Not A Buy To Let ??

    Hi to everyone,

    I am a new member to this site and would like to ask someone with taxation know how about my predicament.

    On the 19/02/1994 the wife and I and her parents signed a declaration of trust whereby her parents, the Nominees, had the council house they were living...
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  • Breian Octapws
    started a topic Declaration of Trust / Form 17

    Declaration of Trust / Form 17

    I'm in the process of completing my first SA tax form and am wondering how easy it is to apportion rental income on an unequal basis between my wife and I.

    - property jointly owned
    - no mortgage
    - rental income paid into a joint account
    - I pay 40%...
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  • busy_landlord
    started a topic Declaration of Trust

    Declaration of Trust

    Hello all ,

    This is my first time to this site and it seems very informative . Thank you

    I need some advice if i may. We currently have quite a large portfolio of property and we run this between my wife , my son and myself.

    My wife has put all her money...
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