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communal area problems x

  • MichaelA30
    started a topic Communal Cupboard Use

    Communal Cupboard Use

    Hi all,

    There is a large communal cupboard in my block of 3 flats (one of which i own leasehold) which contains the electricity meters and the bike storage. I also store a few suitcases in here but have recently been told by my service provider to remove the personal belongings in that...
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  • Spugster111
    started a topic Rogue management company issues

    Rogue management company issues

    I rent out a property in a converted house for which the lease is managed by a third party company. No problems for many years until a couple of builders bought flats in the same building. These owners are now using the internal/external areas as storage for both of their building companies (heavy machinery/building...
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  • G255
    started a topic Communal garden

    Communal garden

    Please could somebody give me a legal point of view on the following?
    We have let our flat out to tenants for a 12 month tenancy, the garden forms part of the tenancy but it is shared with one other flat (upstairs).
    When the tenants moved in, we left a key in the flat for the padlock...
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  • Is there a minimum age at which you can be a landlord?

    My problem is that I own and live in a flat in a converted terraced London house, and the owner of the only other flat in the house is a 19-year-old who lets the flat, doesn't live in London and neglects all her duties as a landlord (and even as a good neighbour).

    For example, she doesn't...
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  • Who should fix gas leak in long-leasehold flat?

    I'm a leaseholder in a flat and while doing a gas safety check we found that there is a leak and the gas connection has been capped. the leak has been identified to be between the flat and the gas meter (which is in a secured area in the basement for all the properties in teh development...
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  • Visible wiring in common parts access- T objects


    I need help! I manage a property that contains four units. I own one of the units. We have recently had a new intercom system fitted and one of the owners is not happy. Where we can we have hidden the intercom wires under the stairs, in the wall and floorboards etc. However...
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