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  • Charlie16
    started a topic Rent review issue

    Rent review issue

    I have a tenant on a lease with a five year term on a commercial property. The lease specified a rent review after 2,3 and 4 years. The lease also specified that the rent review should be determined by the RPI index and it specifies the mechanism for doing this. I duly calculated the rent review on...
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  • Mixed use, Commercial law help needed!

    Advice needed, please.

    We recently took our l/l to court for non-protection of deposit. To cut a long story short, the court dismissed the case on the grounds that the tenancy was of mixed use class due to use also renting a shop on the side of the house (in the extension) therefore commercial...
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  • Help! No lease after trading for 13yrs. What are my rights?

    I rent a commercial unit from my Landlord who has a long Lease for the whole building from the Freeholder.

    Thirteen years ago I took hold of a lock up shop and started trading.

    Whilst I'd spent spent on renovations and a shop fit it transpired that my Landlord did not...
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  • Lease in my name only – want partners out

    I have a registered long commercial lease for over 12 years starting in 2008. It is a high street front shop. I have been running a limited company there with two other partners. I bought the Lease is in my sole name, but the rent goes out from the company's account. I now wish to come out of the directorship...
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  • Can a long term lease ever be quashed if circumstances alter?

    I am a director of my golf club. We have a long term lease with the landowner. The annual rent was made up of a fixed amount plus a percentage of turnover. This has totalled up to £70k per annum. The golf course went through some difficult times and five years ago a deal was reached whereby we paid...
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  • Help...where do I stand legally?

    I'm just about to sign a commercial lease for offices which I will turn into a therapy centre with 2 treatment rooms. I will use one of the rooms for myself and planned on letting other therapists use the other room for a fee.
    Any advice on how I or if I can do this in a way that it would NOT...
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  • Breach of Covenant and Right to Re-entry

    Dear Sirs,

    If a commercial lease holder is thought to be in breach of one of their covenants, ie suspected of sleeping there on occasion (though they are actually working through the night), can the superior lease holder simply exercise their right to re-entry (ie forfeit lease) as per...
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  • sydkhan
    started a topic New owner old tenat

    New owner old tenat


    i have recently acquired a commercial property from my dad, and want to use the building for my own use the tenant who is in there has contract till 2020 for the shop and store rooms (rooms have separate self contained entrance) above and i want to remove him and use for own use,...
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  • Does change of landlord requires a new lease to be signed?


    My case is:
    When we singed our lease the landlord in the lease was two persons - one trading as a Ltd company, the other trading as an individual (that was in October 2010). Sometime in 2011 (I think) the gentleman trading as individual send as either a simple letter with the...
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  • evicting commercail tenants

    Hello can any one advise me what I should do to evict tenant who has not got a valid lease in his name, who has broken lots of trading rules, has trespassed onto other areas of the property, causing damage, I believe they have bypassed the electrical metres, have broken into the other sections of the...
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  • Commercial property OMV or index?

    I am a director of an SME that has been running now for 3.5 years. We are coming to the end of the 4-year lease for our commercial property and are about to enter into a new lease agreement. I strongly suspect (but don't know) that the OMV for the property would have dropped in the last...
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  • Commercial tenancy agreement or Lease?

    We have a building and land amongst residential buildings that we have been running our own business in for many years. We closed our business a year ago now and would like to rent out the building for a similar business to continue (workshop and meeting venue). Is there an off the shelf tenancy agreement...
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  • Commercial leases and Consumer Credit Agreements


    I am preparing to let out a commercial property to an individual who wants the lease in his personal name, rather than a limited company which is what I'd normally expect to do. Question - Do I need a consumer credit license if the tenant is an individual? The OFT guidance on this...
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    started a topic Commercial Lease Guarantee

    Commercial Lease Guarantee

    I am a Guarantor for a commercial lease. The Landlord has forfeited the lease for non payment of rent and is now demanding payment from me. However, the rent being demanded is not only the unpaid rent up to the point of forfeiture, but also rent after that which would have been paid if the lease had...
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  • Unexecuted new commercial licence. Valid?

    Hi all you good people out there. We need your urgent help.

    I work with a small charity in London. Our 5-year lease of our existing premises expired on 6 August 2009. It was done through solicitors and the lease was contracted out of protection of the Landlord and Tenant Act.
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