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  • londonjosh
    started a topic Cockroach infestation

    Cockroach infestation


    My wife and I have been renting a flat since 19th December. In February we started to see cockroaches coming through from the flat next door, which has now been empty for sometime. We can see cockroaches through the flats' windows, which is completely overrun with them, so it's...
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  • Tenant claims cockroach infestation

    Hi, have a few questions about cockroaches and infestation as a grounds for a tenant to break a lease which has no provision for the tenant to terminate the lease at all (intended to be in force for 1 year), and where the duty of a landlord to prevent roach infestation ends.

    Here are...
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  • Limas
    started a topic Cockroaches in communal hallway

    Cockroaches in communal hallway

    Hi there

    Hoping someone can help with this query.

    Me and my flatmate moved into our rented property in September 2009. Our flat is in an Edwardian terrace on a commercial street. The terrace house is divided into two shops on the ground floor, and one flat is located above...
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  • Cockroaches - where do I stand as a tenant?


    I moved into a property 25th Nov 2009 and the day I moved in I found dead cockroaches in the property (no sign or mention of them when i viewed the property) and cockroach spray left in the hallway, cockroach traps in the kitchen and cockroach gel (killer) around the flat.
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  • Let property is uninhabitable; can L cancel tenancy?

    We are renting a property from a private landlord who went throught and agent to rent the property. We were told by the agent ot deal directly with the landlord when we signed the lease agreement (12 months) at the end of February. We moved in to discover that there was a strong smell of gas. We...
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