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  • BigPete
    started a topic 2020 Tax Laws on B2L (Capital + Interest)

    2020 Tax Laws on B2L (Capital + Interest)

    Hi all,

    I decided to join here as I'm trying to work out if renting my flat is a sensible option (while taking a 2nd mortgage for a new purchase) or not but would rather know all the facts before jumping in.

    So with that said the 2020 tax laws have me querying something, all...
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  • dobbass
    started a topic Confused newbie

    Confused newbie

    Hi group

    New to this so please take it easy on me!
    I've had some advice from a friend of a friend and where I thought I was clear now i'm not so sure?
    I'm in the process of buying a house from my grandfathers estate, jointly with my Dad. I'm on way with quotes for changing...
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  • Capital Gains Tax - is there a definitive answer ?

    In September 2000 my wife and I moved in to a purchased property which was our only residence (and property) until July 2008 when we relocated to a different part of the company with my work and bought a new home which has been our primary residence since then - but we decided to keep the 2000 purchase...
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  • banner257
    started a topic Maintenance v Capital Works

    Maintenance v Capital Works

    Has anyone any straight forward guidance on what is maintenance cost tax allowable. If I install a new bathroom suite as the existing one is past its best is that maintenance replacement or capital improvement? What about renewing electrical wiring, painting the house out, replacing guttering, replacing...
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  • Tmaker
    started a topic Beneficial interest, CGT and Property Companies

    Beneficial interest, CGT and Property Companies

    Hello, I'm trying to learn about property tax. Let me present an example which may be invalid but is how I understand things so far.
    Andrew wants give Kim a share in the rental income of his property. He makes Kim Beneficial Tenants in Common with a 50/50 share. Since Andrew gave 50% Beneficial
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  • Capital repayment on mortgage- reduced tax liability?


    I've got a BTL property that I am now renting out.
    Interest only mortgage was £611 a month, but will now go down to £240 because fixed period has ended.
    I charge £800 rent per month and don't pay any utility bills except when property is empty.

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