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  • Tenancy inspection - more than one inspector?

    Good evening,

    I'm a tenant with an amicable relationship with my agent and landlord.

    I've been notified that the landlord and agent would like to inspect the premises at the same time together. (Just a routine inspection.) My question - is there currently anything in the...
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  • Agent won't provide receipt because of "GDPR"

    Hi all

    I'm starting a new tenancy agreement in 2 weeks, we're yet to sign the tenancy agreement. As part of the accepted offer conditions, I asked for the property to be professionally cleaned before we move in, which the landlord accepted as part of the offer (I have this in writing)....
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  • Are stocks of keys a legitimate use of service charge funds?

    Hi all,
    Our managing agent has included a cost in last year's service charge for buying a stock of keys so that future tenants can buy them from the agent instead of the actual supplier.

    I maintain that this is trading and it is an inappropriate use of service charge funds since I...
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  • Stuck in agent contract with same tenant

    Hi I am a new landlord and have found this forum online an I hope you may be able to help and answer my question below.

    I have a tenant who has written to me privately asking if I will deal with him directly rather than him using the agent I have, as he says the agent is unhelpful, rude...
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  • section21
    started a topic Changing Deposit Scheme

    Changing Deposit Scheme


    Long time reader, first time poster.

    We've used the DPS custodial scheme since the introduction of deposit protection but are growing increasingly frustrated at their tendency to side with tenants in disputes. Has anyone else been through this and moved to any...
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  • If a company providing a service is NOT VAT registered can VAT still be charged?

    My Mum (aged 78) rents out a small property in Hampshire. She rents it out via a letting agent - the income she receives is effectively her pension. I have noted that the letting agent she uses charges VAT on all services and fees. I recently noted that she was being charged for VAT by the agent for...
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  • Advice Please Agent v current tennant

    Really appreciate some help and advice
    Myself and partner have been asked to vacate out private rented property at the end of tenancy, which was early Feb 16. We found a suitable property (also Private rented) nearby and was advertised as being available in mid February 16. We paid the agency...
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  • jicms
    started a topic High Street and Online Agents

    High Street and Online Agents

    I am advertising my property with a well-known London agent. I am prepared to pay the high fee if a tenant is found quickly. This hasn't happened straight away and I am free to do my own thing. I was thinking of trying an online agent at a reduced rent but this will then mean the property is shown...
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  • Third party to act on behalf of landlord

    Hi there, I'm new here and I hope that I am addressing my quesion the right section of the Forum.

    I am letting my property privately (without using a letting agency) however, as I will be abroad for most of the time, I have nominated a person that will be able to act on my behalf and...
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  • jicms
    started a topic Online Letting Agent

    Online Letting Agent

    What is the recent opinion of online letting agents? My head is spinning trying to compare them, the different services they offer and the fees. Are any in particular building up a good reputation?

    I don't want a fully managed service as I live close to the property and can DIY the basics...
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  • Poor letting agent with mistakes in contract

    Hi all

    So im new to all this, Im looking for a bit of advice.
    The story goes, im retting a 4 bed with 4 friends. And the letting agent have been a nightmare from day one.
    examples are as follows:
    Lack of communication
    Not doing their side of agreements...
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  • Guide to Traveller and Trespasser removal

    Summer is fast approaching and it seems the travellers are back out and about and our work load each week is steadily increasing.

    We've put together a helpful guide for property/land owners who may have issues with travellers and are unsure what to do.

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  • joebb11
    started a topic Issue with Tenancy Agreement

    Issue with Tenancy Agreement

    Having a major issue with our leting agent and landlord.

    We (me and my girlfriend) moved into this proerty in June of last year tenancy agreement runs until 15th April 2015, next month.

    Aside from the really hard task of chasing up the letting agency to move in and horrible...
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  • Buying property with tenants. Letting agent issues

    I know that there is a similar thread on this forum but would like to get some pointers about obligations to an existing tenancy agreement and a contract with the current managing agent. {Mod - name removed}
    I am at the early stages of purchasing a new property with tenants in situ. The managing...
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  • jedimasterlincoln
    started a topic Photographs


    Hi All

    I've been a tenant for around 18 month now, subject to 4 monthly inspections by an agent on behalf of the property owner. Tonight, the inspector for the agent told me he needed to take photographs. He didn't explain why, or what for. At the time, I just said OK, since I have nothing...
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