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  • There's no big communal or council bins to be clear. The bin truck people just grab the rubbish bags from the sacks and puts them in the truck, or the recycling bin people tip the recycling out of their individual (small) bins into the truck....
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  • No there's no communal bins. All flats just have their own bins which we put out once a week and bring in again. I don't think there's anything in the contract regarding the bins so looks like it just needs to be stored in the flat. It is nice it's collected every week at least, my last place was fortnightly...
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  • Rath
    started a topic Asked to store all bins in flat (UK)

    Asked to store all bins in flat (UK)

    Recently moved into a flat. When we moved in everyone stored their bins in the communal hallway, which wasn't ideal mess wise but generally I didn't mind. But someone has now complained to the council, with the council agreeing that there shouldn't be anything blocking a fire escape route. The estate...
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