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  • I'd caution against doing your own due diligence on a buyer. You open up yourself and the estate agent to housing discrimination claims. I'm glad the estate agent has taken the position they have; it's reassuring. No vendor needs to know anything about the identity of the buyer.

    I'd never...
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  • LAD
    replied to Changes made to a flat
    There are many threads here on similar topics, and the options usually boil down to indemnity insurance or retrospective consent. One thing to be aware of is that you should not say anything to your freehold company if you are intending to go the indemnity insurance route. Making the freehold company...
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  • To the OP, I'd say use the estate agent as a project manager. Typically, the agent will give you some background on the buyer -- e.g., how long they've known the buyer, how many properties the buyer has seen, whether they're planning to occupy or invest in the property, whether they have mortgage agreement...
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  • LAD
    replied to Indemity Policies - Grrrrr!
    The opposite argument is that indemnity insurance gives leaseholders some protection from unreasonable costs from freeholders -- i.e., depending on the fee schedule, it may well be cheaper to remove non-structural walls and later provide indemnity insurance if needed, v. go through expensive and unnecessary...
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  • Japanese knotweed treatment plan - effect on valuation?

    I know the risk of Japanese knotweed is now thought to be far less than it has been previously. I am not worried about damage, just want a sanity check re: valuation.

    The situation:
    - Proposed purchase of upper floor flat in a central London block of flats
    - Basement flat had...
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