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  • Hi there, sorry to hear you also have this. I feel like mine was a bit of a car crash as none of the paperwork was there so it got a bit 'he said/she said'. But other than that it was pretty fair.

    I was asked to outline the situation as I saw it and what had happened to date. Then the defendants...
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  • Hi, sorry, my situation was different to yours in that I started off with a money claim, no defence was submitted so I got a judgement by default. At that point they finally took notice and applied to have the judgement set aside. Our hearing was a set aside hearing and the application was dismissed...
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  • I had a telephone hearing for a MCOL about 18 months ago. I prepared everything, sent everything, phoned to check they had what was needed then on the day on the call they had seen no paperwork and I had to summarise everything there and then. I was quite shocked at how that could happen after all the...
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  • That's an interesting approach (just asking) - we may well do that.
    I do understand your point about the commercial landlord thing, but it is something we've looked at a few times over the years when looking at properties. I've also previously been a commercial tenant and had to take action against...
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  • Valuing a property - how best to help?

    We're considering making an offer to buy out the freeholder of our building, but am not sure of the best way to get the required professional help with doing so.
    It is a fairly complex set up - building has restaurant below and two flats above. Building is in disrepair as freeholder not spent...
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  • The furniture is a huge issue - it goes right to the ceilings with everything piled on top, in a small room with a small radiator. There is no circulation at all at that end of the room, but all outside walls. When we had this issue a few years ago it was with someone who brought lots of extra stuff...
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  • bethy
    started a topic Condensation/mould mid-tenancy

    Condensation/mould mid-tenancy

    We have a nice couple living in our one bed flat. It's an old building with thick, uninsulated walls. We've owned it for 10 years, and in that time had 1 tenant who managed to cover the place with mould due to how she was living in it, everyone else since has been absolutely fine.

    I visited...
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