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  • Thanks, although obviously it's not what I was hoping to hear.

    "Whilst only the transferor can give consent, the terms of the covenant are such that it can be enforced by other "owners" on the estate which could include leaseholders."

    Do you mean the buildings...
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  • The lease should give you a definitive answer. For example, Maintained Property includes all structural parts including the roofs along with all balconies and terraces in my lease. Also, you mentioned that the original works were carried out as maintenance so I don't see why the remedial works wouldn't...
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  • "So in acquiring the freehold the transferor included the transfer form the covenants about pets and the company (you appear to be able to control) agreed to this."

    Correct (the wording is above)

    "Were the covenants explained to the company you control prior...
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  • The problem is that it can arbitrarily be revoked at any time and the fact that the estate will have a new freeholder when it is sold off in the next couple of years makes it too risky
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  • Thanks. The TP2 wording is:

    "Restrictive covenants by the transferee

    4. The Transferee covenants with the Transferor, for the benefit of the Estate and each and every part of it and every other person owning land forming part of the Estate, with the intention of binding
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  • To clarify, there are only two flats in the building and we (the leaseholders) are both in agreement on this. Also, the buildings freehold was transferred over to us by the developer following a six-and-half year dispute over planning and building control violations (during which time neither of us...
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  • Peter68
    started a topic Freehold Covenant Restricting Pets

    Freehold Covenant Restricting Pets

    I have recently acquired the freehold to my block. It's slightly unusual in that it's one of many buildings within a development and the freeholder of the wider estate has imposed a restrictive covenant prohibiting pets. Myself and my wife feel particularly strongly about this and are interested to...
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