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  • You raise valid points ram with regards to changeover of the company leadership.

    With regards to emails; emails are always stored in your mailbox, either indefinitely (if you use the now commonplace IMAP protocol or the email provider's webmail to read your emails) or until you download...
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  • Thank you for coming back to report your findings ram.

    I'm afraid that the GDPR also encompasses email communications. Your email provider is a "data processor" for you and you therefore require a "data processing agreement" in place with them.
    The actual...
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  • GDPR encompasses, names, addresses and phone numbers (as someone can identify the shareholders using that information) and you are storing this information on a computer. So I'm afraid that you are misinformed - you have to comply with the GDPR and because you are storing it on a computer, you have...
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  • I see that, yes, which I am surprised about, given that the GDPR applies to (or to be) "organised" paper records. I am imagining that your paper records are not disorganised and therefore do fall under the GDPR.

    Please have a read of this solicitor's blog (which I just pulled...
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  • Hello,

    It is difficult for someone else to know what data you collect and store, so as to then be able to advise you on whether you need to comply with the Data Protection Act/GDPR, and in turn be required to register with the ICO. However, the ICO obviously believes that the business of...
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