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  • tbh I didn't and don't believe it myself, I guess we will never know the real reason and it doesn't matter much. As I said prior I'm still getting most of my rent direct now (which is how it should be for L-lords) so its not a desperate situation, I do not have any mortgage anywhere. My previous tenants...
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  • She said her father died and she had to pay for funeral costs, according to my agent, he said that 85% of tenants use that one, he's heard it all before, however if she can prove that, that may cause an issue?.............4 times now she said she was going to set up a DD for different amounts to try...
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  • The rent is £1250pm, council are now paying a direct sum of £1139pm so her debt only rises by £111pm as she's not paying the shortfall as I understand it. she currently owes around £2700 which rises by that 111pm less what the DHP payments towards the debt are going to be as I have been informed...
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  • thanks, grounds 10/11 of sec8 I like, not so much on ground 9, the DHP payment of £300 is the first one, there will be others up to March 2020 of around £112pm making a total of around 880 in total which will bring her debt down to around £1800 so she will be under the 2mnths rule just as she's not...
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  • racer69
    started a topic Tenant stopped paying rent.

    Tenant stopped paying rent.

    Property in London, 12 month AST now lapsed to periodic from Sept 26th 2019. Monthly rent, Deposit taken and assured by agent. single mother with young child.

    Hi all, I would like to ask about my tenant who has been paying her rent ok till recently. She has missed 2 payments and is now...
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