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  • If we had a LL register and it was mandatory to put you registration number on all ASTs, then tenants would know if their LL was registered.

    Any tenant renting from unregistered LL would then be complicit in an illegal tenancy - there will always be LLs and tenants trying to do things...
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  • I would be happy with anything that holds LLs to a good standard and also holds tenants to account for damage etc. Rather than arbitrary licensing schemes which do nothing except raise rents and penalise good LLs and tenants alike.

    I believe my properties are in a good condition and I have...
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  • Funny how often posts go off topic!

    Nottsmat - give your LL notice for the earliest date possible (usually 1 month before your AST ends). Find yourself a new property, that is in a condition you are happy to accept, & move.

    Unfortunately you have paid the price for being...
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  • I generally find if your charges are reasonable tenants will not fight them.

    If the property was not due painting then you can charge for repainting - felt tip may need cleaning off rather than repainting. I charge £20 per hr + paint if I have to do it, otherwise get a quote from a contractor...
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  • I hate to throw cold water on your plan, but living with your friends is very different to just being great mates. 5 of you in one house as joint tenants (if you can find a property) is very likely to end up with someone falling out with others and leaving or not paying bills or wanting to move out...
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