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  • I've decided the rent rise- when should you start it

    Hi, I have sorted out a reasonable rent rise, the current 5 year lease ends in 2021, is it normal to start any new rent at the start date of the new/renewed lease or is it started from the day you just decide you want it to start? Thankyou
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  • I may be, but that will be because my experience is in residential where you have to get it right in every detail and therefore I'm worried about damaging the capital value of my investment if I get it wrong. For instance, the sale of a buy to let residential property is very much linked to the rent...
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  • I remember that my solicitor told me I had to do it 6 months before the rent review date and that the rent review date is 18 months before the end of the lease (and that is nearly now). I see now the lease stipulates a market rent, how many rents do I have to get as comparables? If I get those and we...
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  • Thanks for your responses, I checked the lease, my solicitor told me at the time it was a standard Law Society lease. It says :
    "On each rent review date, the rent is to increase to the market rent if that is higher than the rent applying before that date.
    The market rent is the rent...
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