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  • hello mr arranger thanks again for your views

    i started off in 2012 and my bank manager recommended a FA he knew, he did act for me, i gave him a brief of whats available no arrangement fee, free legals, free valuation, he came up with a list of what was available at the time, id tell him...
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  • i may of painted an unfair picture of rbs in my previous post, when i said they were less stringent about my income i meant they were prepared to take a look at my position overall, there were a lot of providers that i hit a brick wall with as my employed income didnt meet their £20k minimum, rbs were...
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  • thanks for the feedback gents, i should of explained further that my circumstances make it difficult for me to secure new mortgages with other lenders due to a lack of traditional income, rbs are the least stringent, or at least they were when i took the mortgages out originally, switching deals with...
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  • opinions please switched 2 mortgages

    hey all

    ive applied to switch deals on 2 mortgages i have with rbs, theyre both pretty much the same, on offer 2.88% fixed for 5 years

    thats me going from £240 a month on each to £170 a month on each roughly

    there was a grand fee which ive added to fees rather...
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