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  • Letmein
    started a topic Water issue

    Water issue

    Hopefully a quick question, I own the Freehold to a block of flats. Each flat has its own water meter (they pay direct to the water company).

    1 flat has low pressure/no water, the plumbers assessment being there is nothing wrong after the meter.

    Who is responsible for the pipe...
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  • Thanks for coming back on this. I might be confused, I downloaded the title from LR (this being what I refer to as the lease - I might be using the wrong term). The shop is freehold (i.e there is no landlord/tenant references).

    Are you saying the deeds always remain live and the title...
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  • The fact the shops have been using the land for parking over the last 30 years, does this diminish/remove my ability to charge for parking use (to build sink fund up plus management fee).

    The difference between the lease and deeds, is the deed say contribute 1/5, the lease has not comment...
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  • Shop with land around it used by others


    I have been offered a shop which also owns the "land" around it. This "land" is used as a car park but not registered as such (does that matter?).

    Each shop lease states:-

    Full and free right for the Purchasers and all persons authorised...
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