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  • Raiden328i
    started a topic Electric bill

    Electric bill

    I'll try to explain this as best I can. My wifes old shop we live above and she moved her business to a bigger place but as she was there a long time the gas and electric ran our flat as well. A friend then rented the shop and the utilities were included in the rent. After 2 years he moved out and...
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  • I'd say for almost year no problems with the T in the studio flat but late night there was a lot of arguing outside and I watched it from window. Something about money so I thought I'll call the police and if there up to no good then someone will get arrested. Cops came and weren't there long but...
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  • Tenants not getting on with each other.

    I have a tenant in a studio flat which I have mentioned before he is dirty and strange but pays on time. Next door is a shop which is also mine and the tenant there is very demanding and likes to throw his weight about. Anyway did a inspection of the flat before we signed a new contract and i'll admit...
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