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  • No point over complicating it. Calculate yield however you want depending on what you want to try measure.

    But life is too short man, just be careful not to take on too much risk and be well diversified. So many things can change and are variable. We have no idea really what will happen...
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  • Thanks loanarranger. I am not the OP, sorry for the confusion and hijacking this thread!

    Good points you have raised as well as jpucng62. I understand that in the past, rents may not have kept up with inflation. However given the events of this year, it seems to me a new trend has emerged,...
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  • Agree with a lot of the comments made already. If you are buying a btl for 45k, even with a gross yield of 10% that is only 4.5k a year. A boiler up north costs the same as a boiler down south, so with a ┬ú1k cost for a replacement boiler would wipe out 20% of your gross yield. This alone makes it...
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