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  • comm1985
    started a topic Rent Deposit

    Rent Deposit

    For a standard rent deposit deed is there any obligation on the Landlord to return deposit payments from the tenant that are in excess of the initial deposit? E.g. if the tenant agrees to provide an additional deposit as security

    I see no language indicating that this is the case but want...
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  • comm1985
    started a topic Mcol - pre action protocol

    Mcol - pre action protocol

    Prior to filing an MCOL claim, is there any prescriptive template in order to comply with pre action protocols with regards to commercial rent arrears?

    is a simple rent demand sufficient?...
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  • comm1985
    started a topic LPE1 Questions

    LPE1 Questions

    For the purposes of LPE1 could someone clarify the below:

    1. Slightly confused by the terms 'Managed Area' and 'Common Parts'. For a building of 4 standalone flats with no communal areas or entrances.
    a) I assume the "Managed Area" is the building containing the...
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  • comm1985
    replied to Rent Concessions

    Two are still paying in full and one is still paying in full but in increments, all 5 tenants have received grants but you're right each has been affected by C19 differently
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