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  • vandamme
    replied to Help / advise
    I'm a tenant. Listen to the advice above.
    You would be very easy to screw over by either an unscrupulous tenant or by a family member/friend who took a grudge. Which does happen...
    You are in it for the nest egg/extra income - a tenant is in it for a nice place to live. All being well it's...
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  • As a tenant, I did exactly this. On move out the LL notices a small chip in a laminate floor plank that was laid 12 months prior. He wanted hundreds (┬ú350 I think his claim was) because in order to replace the plank the whole floor had to be lifted. He did provide quotes and ultimately a receipt that...
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  • I'm a tenant.

    I'd suggest approaching her ASAP, in a friendly manner - and let her know your concerns. As much as people like to bury their head in the sand, chances are she knows that 'something' is going to happen at some point and will eventually appreciate that it's been addressed....
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  • I'm a tenant. We moved in 6yrs ago and now have 2 cats and a chihuahua. The dog is fine - when we move out we will deep clean and there will be no sign he was even there. The cats on the other hand... clawed the sh** out of the wooden stair bannisters, so I know when its move out time it's going to...
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