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  • Thanks, I’d not come across that site during my searches.

    Unfortunately, the control knob is no longer available and the cooker knobs(!) it offers as alternatives have dimensions listed that would make them a little too large to fit. It could be the cam though.

    Either way,...
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  • It’s a small private company, though the couple that own it seem to also own several other property letting companies, all based at the same office (which is not large by any means — roughly the same size as a small shop). The online tool is clearly an off-the-shelf thing that’s been branded and...
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  • No inventory was issued when I moved in.

    Well, sort of. The online tool uses a form for reporting repairs (not email). I have automated email response from the tool saying my report has not been received and has been automatically deleted. Not sure if I can be deemed to have...
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  • Options for repairing a washing machine

    The washing machine in the flat I rent (only me in the flat, no shared facilities, AST that went periodic years ago, located in London) stopped working today (power light comes on but nothing else happens).

    The washing machine was in the flat when I moved in. According to the tenancy agreement,...
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