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  • jimcarver
    started a topic Section 47 and 48

    Section 47 and 48


    In order to invoice I understand there should be some wording along the lines of

    "In accordance with section 47 and 48 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1987, the Landlords name and address in England and Wales for Service of Notices (including Notice in Proceedings)...
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  • Thanks all for your comments.

    eagle2, I agree it is difficult to blame the other tenants without the invoices being sent, I have emphasised that this should be the RTM no 1 priority,

    leasholder64, I have suggested a managing agent and said I would ask around to get an idea...
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  • When you say the RTM should have 2 directors, I assume this is just preferred rather than required? As there has only ever been 1 director.

    That's the problem, they all know they are obliged to pay the service charge they just don't want to, without a landlord present who is going to enforce...
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  • Ok, thanks again.

    Currently nobody, It expired in May last year, its a combination of stubborn and completely indifferent tenants. Nobody seems to care that the building isn't insured which I find unbelievable. I just don't know how to reason with people that have no argument for non payment...
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  • That thought had crossed my mind, is it as simple as that? Can he appoint me without approval from everyone? I suspect there would be some objections as they like the situation now where nobody collects maintenance fees.
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  • Absent Landlord and Non functioning RTM

    In short, I own 1 of 6 flats. 4 flats have no interest in paying management fees (despite the fact the property is falling into disrepair and uninsured).

    Leaving only me and the RTM director. The RTM director is busy and doesnt seem interested in taking any action (ie setting up a meeting...
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  • jimcarver
    started a topic RTM Member

    RTM Member

    Apologies in advance for the basic question.

    I hear a lot of talk of becoming a “member” of an RTM. Is this something you have to officially apply for, or are you automatically a member if you own a property in the block being managed by an RTM.

    The RTM as one appointed director...
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