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  • To be fair, I have seen landlord insurance policies which include a clause forbidding the use of candles, so it's certainly a 'thing'

    I certainly wouldn't use such a policy myself, because even if the landlord includes a corresponding 'no candles' clause in the tenancy agreement, it's...
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  • But that's the thing - I haven't given Facebook any phone numbers, or allowed it access to anything of mine; and the only email address I gave it was a brand new one which has never been used for anything else. None of these numerous ex-tenants have any connection with each other, except via me as...
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  • Spooky Facebookness...

    So I've finally been dragged kicking and screaming into the 20th century by my kids, and started a Facebook account. I've always resisted it like crazy, I just hate the intrusion, and 'look at my wonderful life' stuff that goes on there etc; however having recently joined an organisation (non-landlord-related)...
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  • I know - the OP has the nerve to whinge about candles while wearing mismatched footwear! Sheesh... And people wonder why there's a call for landlords to be licensed.

    All becomes clear - the landlord is Darth Vader...
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