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  • Hopefully final update: The tenant has given formal notice after again paying the rent a week late. She came back from Europe, paid up and sent a text to the Letting Agent apologising, and then shortly afterwards sent another saying she was giving a month's notice.

    As sad as the situation...
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  • OK - Been in conversation with the LA and I think that is the course of action we are going to take. She was only guaranteed up to this month anyway from her friends, and unless they are willing to guarantee her going forward seemingly indefinitely while her affairs are being sorted out and her husband's...
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  • buzzard1994,

    I certainly can suggest the managing agent communicates that via her friends. I hesitate to say he must have done, as he ran a successful business, but he seems to have completely left her in the lurch despite knowing he had a terminal illness, so I don't want to assume he...
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  • Not sure - she did tell us at the big pow-wow to get things back on an even keel with the managing agents that he did have a will and that there was plenty of money tied up in his business - enough to see her right. At that stage though (3-4 months on) she had not approached any solicitors to start...
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